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E-Commerce Industry Stats

According to a September 2020 survey carried out among Chief Financial Officers of retailers in the United States, nearly half said their company had increased their investment in e-commerce in the previous six months, and nearly two-thirds of them stated planning to do so in the coming six.

In addition, nearly 54% had plans to invest more in mobile commerce, and 42% mentioned a growing investment in social commerce. A global October 2019 survey of e-commerce decision-makers revealed that 25% of e-commerce companies planned on selling directly through social media platforms in 2020

ecommerce stats

A Note To The E-Commerce Industry

E-Commerce is the shop of billions and to reach those billions, it is crucial for businesses to shake hands with technology and build websites and apps that can endorse their products online better. Ajackus is experienced in doing so not just for simple products but also for the complex marketplaces with different and unique offerings.

For Smeltt, Ajackus built an E-Commerce site and put the desired products in the reach of millions while for Property Capsule it made a dynamic marketplace for real estate properties in US. The innovation doesn’t end here as we are equipped to bring more to you through AI automation, voice searches, AR/VR experiences, and more.

It is clear that E-Commerce is how you find and convert customers where you could have never reached before. Let us empower you with it!

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What Our Clients Say

Ajackus has worked with me before, they were the design agency while I was building InstaReM. I came to Canopy and needed a helping hand in building the front-end application at Canopy. I reached out to Ajackus based on their reputation and trust from my experience with them during InstaReM days. We followed a set process, Ajackus provided their support and catered to all front-end requirements of the organization.

Amit Gupta

CTO at Canopy Pte Ltd

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