OCT Framework - Ajackus

The OCT Framework
for Success

Access professionals who seamlessly integrate into your teams, providing unparalleled flexibility and scalability through
Onboarding, Continuous Alignment, and Team Growth.


The OCT Framework encompasses three pillars: Onboarding, Continuous Alignment, and Team Growth. It's a comprehensive approach designed to ensure seamless integration, ongoing alignment, and continuous growth for both our partners.
We ensure this by providing tailored consultation, efficient talent identification, and a partner-centric approach. We prioritize transparent budgeting, flexible engagement models, and quick turnaround to ensure successful staff augmentation engagements.
We ensure ongoing alignment with project goals through regular sync-ups and partner feedback. Transparent communication, dedicated account managers, and agile responsiveness help us adapt to changes and proactively address potential blockers.
Ajackus prioritizes team growth and retraining through holistic HR management, continuous skill enhancement programs, and innovation initiatives. We offer ongoing training, peer support, and skill enhancement programs with managerial guidance to keep our teams aligned with industry standards and foster innovation.
Ajackus stands out in talent acquisition and retention through rigorous evaluations, cultural fit assessments, and innovative compensation structures. Our extensive network within the Indian tech pool, coupled with proactive talent acquisition strategies, ensures we attract and retain top-tier talent.
To learn more about the OCT Framework and how it can benefit your project, you can book a call with our team for detailed information on each component and its advantages for your specific needs.