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We accompany you through every phase of your product journey, from discovery to the creation of a scalable, effective solution. At Ajackus, your success is our success.

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Moving Your Business Forward in Two Ways

Discover lasting success with our effective engagement models. We take charge of important projects or join your tech team seamlessly. Our goal is to provide customized IT services that drive your business ahead.


We excel in guiding startups through their journey, from inception to acquisition, comprehending the nuanced evolution of priorities over time. Our expertise lies in efficiently building your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with a focus on time and cost-effectiveness. If your requirements are not yet defined, we can assist in creating a PRD (Product Requirement Document). Additionally, we offer low-code/no-code development for swift turnarounds and can evaluate the feasibility of executing your idea on various platforms.
A PRD (Product Requirement Document) is a non-technical document that aligns business requirements with technical implementation. It provides visibility into the complexity of implementation, aiding in prioritization and strategic planning.
On average, creating a PRD takes 2-4 weeks (30-40 hours), while developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) typically requires 8-12 weeks.
A Senior Engineering Leader from our team engages with your stakeholders to craft the PRD. Understanding your competition and differentiation is crucial, and for unique ideas, we may require more information upfront, but we can guide you through the process.
We recommend a skilled team of engineers tailored to the specific requirements. Team size can be adjusted based on your feedback and timeline needs.
After understanding your budget, we provide a fixed cost along with a detailed estimate and timeline. Post-launch support varies depending on whether active development continues or transitions to maintenance mode.
We have significant experience in domains such as Real Estate, Healthcare, FinTech, Travel, Fantasy Sports, Oil and Gas, and E-commerce. Examples of our work include Love From Yours (built using Shopify), GrowHouse (built using WordPress), Linen and Chair Covers (built using Americommerce), and Zoiro (the old site built by us using WordPress).


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