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Empower your business ideas with Ajackus' cutting-edge low-code no-code platform for seamless mobile app development and data validation.

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What Sets Us Apart in Low-Code/No-Code?

Experience the innovation in Low-Code/No-Code Development. Choose Ajackus for a transformative journey where innovation meets practicality.

Realize Swift Benefits with Ajackus

Accelerate the development of digital entities like marketplaces and AI applications without extensive tech assistance.

Low Code Development

Low-Code democratizes app creation with minimal tech support, ensuring cost savings, customization, and control. Target diverse needs while reducing recurring costs.

No Code Development

No-Code empowers easy app creation, streamlining operations without tech support, modernizing business departments, and eliminating recurring software needs.

Integration Capabilities

Maximize your low-code and no-code solutions by seamlessly connecting and enhancing functionality across applications for smooth workflows.

Automated Testing

Ensure the reliability and stability of your applications by implementing automated testing processes, reducing errors, and accelerating the development lifecycle.

Scalability Solutions

Future-proof your applications with scalable architecture, allowing them to adapt to evolving business needs and efficiently handle increased workloads.

Platforms We Excel In

We harness the capabilities of industry-leading platforms as we tailor solutions that align with your unique business requirements.











Microsoft Power Fx

Microsoft Power Fx

Industries we work with

Ajackus' Low-Code/No-Code solutions are tailored for a spectrum of industries, catering to the diverse needs of industries, ensuring efficiency and innovation across the board.





real estate

Real Estate

Electronics & Communication





The Ajackus Advantage in Development

Experience a partnership beyond the ordinary with an exceptional approach to Low-Code/No-Code development, delivering innovative solutions that transcend conventional boundaries.

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Explore success stories, where Ajackus has left an indelible mark with transformative Low-Code/No-Code solutions. Dive into these compelling narratives to witness the tangible impact of Low-Code/No-Code development across diverse industries.

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Ajackus Reviews


16 Reviews


Ajackus has a diverse team, skills that stretch based on my needs, and an attitude of enthusiasm and cooperation.

Greg Lind

CEO, Buildly, Inc.


They've showcased deep expertise in specific technologies, industries, or domains.

Jay Kurani

MD, Advik LLC


They were effective in bringing our vision to life.

Abdullah Parkar

Director, SkillSphere Education


Following our due diligence process, we can initiate development within 5 business days.
You maintain full ownership of the code. We do not claim any rights to the code developed for your application, fostering a transparent and client-centric approach.
Yes. We establish clear agreements of association before commencing any engagement. These agreements outline terms and conditions, laying the foundation for a collaborative and successful partnership.
Our billing is transparent and straightforward. We charge solely for our time and efforts, while any expenses from cloud service providers for infrastructure usage are directly billed to the client.
Our process involves a meticulous evaluation of your requirements. By leveraging existing offerings from leading cloud providers, we curate a bespoke solution tailored to your unique project needs.
Low-Code involves some degree of manual coding for flexibility, while No-Code empowers users to create applications with minimal coding skills. We help you choose the approach that aligns with your project requirements.
Absolutely, yes! Our expertise includes seamless integration capabilities, ensuring that your Low-Code/No-Code solutions integrate with your current systems for a cohesive digital environment.
Our Low-Code/No-Code solutions are designed with scalability in mind. As your business evolves, our applications adapt to handle increased workloads and changing requirements.
We offer comprehensive post-development support to ensure the smooth functioning of your Low-Code/No-Code applications. Our team is ready to assist with any issues or updates you may require.
Absolutely. Low-code and no-code platforms are scalable and can accommodate projects of varying sizes. We assess your project's requirements and recommend the most suitable approach, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.
Security is a priority. We implement industry best practices to ensure the security of Low-Code/No-Code applications. This includes data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
Yes, the flexibility of Low-Code/No-Code allows for ongoing customization. We design solutions that allow you to make updates and modifications even after deployment, ensuring your application stays aligned with your evolving business needs.

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Discover our comprehensive IT services which combines technology, expertise, and strategic insights to deliver customized solutions that drive success in the digital landscape.

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