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We value your devotion

You spend one third of your life at work, it is our duty to make it rewarding personally and professionally. Our wide range of benefits are inclusive, innovative, and futuristic. Benefits offered may vary based on countries.


You deserve to earn what you are worth. We offer salaries that meet or exceed industry standards.

Your hard work fetches you appreciation and recognition, but it also brings in rewards.

We offer performance appraisals on the basis of Karmic initiative, your appraisal is in your hands.

Work Environment

We want you to be healthy, happy, and comfortable at whichever place you call an office. We provide monthly Wi-Fi reimbursement, home office setup, choice of gadgets to keep you undisturbed, and physical fitness/exercising machines.

Our appreciation corner allows you to celebrate your peers for their achievement and assistance. We cheer and collaborate with our colleagues to support each other to live our company values. Expect goodie bags and gifts dropping at your place out of nowhere for your good deeds.

We have different social channels for travel, sports, cooking, fitness, gaming, and many more, you can indulge in your hobbies even at work. Did we mention we also have at least 2 events a month? Well, we do!


Health & Wellness

Uncertainties may happen anytime, and we are prepared to tackle them. We provide all the team members with top-notch medical benefits, having partnered with a new-age insurance provider that offers comprehensive health insurance for you and your family covering group health, personal accidents, maternity coverage, health check-ups, and even tele-consultations.

All work and no play can turn you into a dull person. We organize different sporting events for our sports lovers to stay happy and healthy.

Is physical fitness enough? Not really! We also organize mental wellness programs and activities to boost your emotional health, overall wellbeing, and productivity.

Vacation & Time Off

Take time off to take care of yourself and your loved ones for a day, week, or month. Your full salary will hit your account at the start of the month.

Your holidays should be your choice, flexibility in choosing 4 optional holidays every year.

Life needs a break, casual, parental, sick, or just random. To help you enjoy your leaves without guilt or excuses, we have a ‘no approval needed’ policy.


Professional Development and Entertainment

We are deeply committed to your learning and growth. We work together to plan your future with a dedicated budget allocated to provide you with learning opportunities.

A proprietary LMS known that helps you evolve and prepares you for the world of remote work.

An opportunity to travel to a different country and spend time with senior management to learn from them first-hand on the nitty-gritty of coding, business, productivity, tackling challenges, life in general.


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