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Managed Projects

With 52% of small businesses outsourcing business processes as standard practice, you need to find out why hiring an offshore team for your IT projects can turn around your business 360°.We handle the complete IT portfolio of companies with reduced labor costs and certified expert teams so that you can stay focused on your primary objectives.

How can you benefit from us

Plan and Execute your Business plans in a Smarter Way.

We design a roadmap to avoid unnecessary hurdles and guide you from point A to point Z.


Maintain documentation in your entire project and remember every minute detail about your plans such as your mission and vision, goals and objectives, processes to be used, final product or service to be delivered, resources to be collected, and technical help required.

Feature Definition

Project planning, scheduling, team collaboration, time tracking, reporting, project budgeting, billing, and quotes.

User Story Composition

With a good user story guide, we allow clients and users to capture the product's rough idea with less detail.

Sprint leadership

With Sprint leadership, you increase the transparency and accountability of your team members.

Feature prioritization

Planning out the order in which your team works on product features based on the product roadmap is essential to save time, money, and energy.

Roadmap Creations

It helps you present the right data to the right audience, enabling efficient collaborations.

Backlog Grooming

Backlog grooming ensures that the backlog contains appropriate, prioritized items and that the top of the delay is ready for delivery.

Resource Management

Resource planning proves builds transparency among teams and helps increase bandwidth with proper planning.

Industries we work with






Real Estate


Electronics & Communication







We pack the punch through


Structured processes and guidelines to maintain the quality


Highly adaptable and skilled workforce who believes in your values


Utilization of useful process tools with time tracking to provide clarity


The comprehensive grip of correlation between technology and other aspects of business

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Managed Projects FAQs

After the due diligence process, we can start with the project within 15 business days.
The code ownership remains with you, we do not own any code that is developed for your application.
Yes, we do assist with the onsite assistance as and when needed by the project.
Yes, this can be arranged on a request basis, it will also depend on the scope and size of the project.

Our Engagement Model and Services

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We are available in 5 cities and also on the world wide web making us reachable to anyone on the planet with an internet connection.