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With the post-pandemic impact on various industries, absolute physical presence has become obsolete. While industries like IT are permanently going remote and discarding office-space culture, Real Estate is taking the hit. The solution is to use that same IT to your advantage by bringing Real Estate online.

While only 40% of Real Estate professionals use CRM software, 95% of top Real Estate agents fall within that 40%. Other technological aids are also coming into the picture to change the Real Estate landscape like Big Data technology, Blockchain, AI/ML, Automations, Predictive Analytics tools, Virtual Tour technology, Cloud Computing, and more.


A Note To The Real Estate Industry

We have always believed that the road to innovation lies in leaving the comfort zone and accepting the change. After all, a river doesn’t transcend unless it flows enough to turn into the ocean. Such a point of transformation has come for the Real Estate industry and IT is by its side to navigate this change.

When it comes to Ajackus in particular, we have aided Real Estate companies like Dotloop, Property Capsule, and VTS realize their true potential by empowering them with a map-based property filtering marketplace, localization of core processes, translation tools, and more.

It is thus time you utilize emerging technologies and expertise at our disposal to mark precedence in a conventionally running industry. You will not regret this added edge, in fact, will be pleasantly surprised by the value it will bring to the table.

Let us help you gauge the right technology for you while you take care of the estates.

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What Our Clients Say

Core process localization is a huge step and is completely scalable for when we want to drop in new languages. Very proud of this team and all the work to come!

Alex K,

Engineering Manager, VTS

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