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Helping Realtors elevate their business at every stage of growth with our comprehensive and innovative real estate solutions.


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Explore Ajackus' capabilities in providing cutting-edge solutions for real estate firms, expanding their market presence.

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Property Management CRM

Multiple Listing Services

Mobile app for real estate agents

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Recommendations listings engine


Tenant Management Solutions

Building Management Platforms

Construction Management Systems

End-to-End Facility Management

Rental Property Management Software

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Real Estate Investment Software

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Who We Work With

We work closely with our clients to deliver customised solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.



Success Stories

We work and collaborate closely with our clients to deliver custom Real Estate solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Explore the success stories of our clients from the Real Estate Industry.

Why Us

Rely on Us for Innovation and Efficiency

Our committed developers offer tailored real estate solutions driving rapid innovation and enhancing efficiency and profitability for our clients.

Dedicated real estate development team

Benefit from our dedicated team of 30+ developers, 10 project managers, and 10 QA specialists, delivering secure and compliant real estate solutions.

Secure and compliant solutions

Adhering to all relevant security protocols, we prioritize GDPR, local data privacy, and regulations to ensure secure and compliant real estate software solutions.

Flexible and agile software development

Our specialists continually update their skills through new courses and training, conducting market research for flexible and agile real estate software development.

Expertise in Proptech

Leverage our proptech-focused engineering team with industry knowledge to craft tailored solutions for the real estate industry.

Time to Market Advantage

Utilize our proprietary framework that accelerates real estate software development, ensuring a competitive time to market.

Clarity for Product-Market Fit

We ensure product-market fit through transparency, harnessing technologies such as Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Blockchain in the real estate domain.

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Testimonials from satisfied clients and witness the impact of Ajackus' tailored Real Estate solutions firsthand.

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