AJACKUS | Remote technology teams for exponential growth

Remote technology teams for exponential growth

We build agile and accountable technology teams in India that deliver secure and scalable business solutions globally.
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We are your remote technology team builders

We serve as a partner for all your remote engineering needs by building technology teams hired swiftly, trained integrally, and aligned continuously without the hassle of administering and operating them.

Fast Hiring

We remove the hurdle of finding the right set of engineers for your teams through an efficient and transparent hiring system, designed to select the finest of people in technology.

Integrated Training

We bridge the gap between technical and non-technical skills intricately within teams, with our curated training modules, making remote work culture seamless.

Continuous Aligning

We engage in merging you with your technology teams harmoniously, incorporating your company values, work culture, domain knowledge and business goals.

Engagement Models

When you want the best technologies for your business working right year after year, our engagement models offer you robust and diverse services. Explore them here.

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Our prime projects and case studies

We are building bigger ideas together with leaders across varied domains and would like you to observe our experience.

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Open Source, Media and Broadcast

Buildly - MediaMash

A conferencing platform with live streaming support for Buildly - MediaMash

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  • Property Capsule Retail Marketplace
  • WAI(Who am I)
  • Smeltt
  • Safe Travel Barometer

Jyot Rekhi

Founder & COO, WAI

We have personally and professionally learned a lot from the entire team.

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Everything you need to know about technology, business, performance, mind, and soul is right here.

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We are available in 5 cities and also on the world wide web making us reachable to anyone on the planet with an internet connection.