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Our team of developers can help you make the most of Odoo software, saving you time and helping you maximize the software’s capabilities. With our custom Odoo solutions, you can easily manage your business processes through a unified platform with just a few clicks.

Our deep understanding of Odoo's capabilities allows us to develop custom solutions that empower businesses to make informed decisions and drive growth.

We are committed to delivering excellence through:


Cutting-Edge Tech

We leverage the latest Odoo features to provide innovative and intuitive business solutions.

Passionate Teams

Our teams are built with a passion for technology, ensuring a dynamic and collaborative development process

Agile Methodology

We excel at swiftly addressing operational challenges for seamless Odoo integration and agile solutions.

Odoo Solutions

Combine the Odoo platform with our multidisciplinary expertise to experience transformative business solutions.

Odoo ERP and CRM

Website Development

Asset Management

Construction Management

Contract Management

Fleet Management

Property Management

Supply Chain Management

Database Management

Accounting Automation

HR Management

Marketing Tools

E-commerce Integration

Project Management

Reporting & Analytics

Custom Module Development

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What is Odoo?

Odoo is a comprehensive, fully integrated, and customizable open-source business management software. It offers a suite of applications designed to streamline various operations, including CRM, sales, project management, manufacturing, inventory management, accounting, HR management, marketing, and customer support. Through its user-friendly interface, Odoo is accessible to businesses and professionals of all sizes and industries, catering to their diverse needs.

At Ajackus, our Odoo developers do more than just code. They design efficient solutions, optimize business processes, and ensure seamless integration for optimal performance.

Our Engagement Models

Explore personalized engagement models designed to fit your business needs. Each model is crafted for optimal efficiency and success.

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Ajackus has a diverse team, skills that stretch based on my needs, and an attitude of enthusiasm and cooperation.

Greg Lind

Greg Lind

CEO, Buildly, Inc.


You can get extensive Odoo integration capabilities across various tools and services. It includes webshop and e-commerce platforms, payment providers, productivity tools, CRM systems, VoIP services, finance and accounting software, delivery and logistics solutions, Odoo AI for advanced analytics, and Odoo EDI for seamless data exchange.
Indeed, Odoo has a powerful CRM module to help businesses manage client relationships. It offers tools for tracking leads, sales activities, managing customer interactions, and communications. With integrated email marketing, automated follow-ups, and detailed analytics, Odoo’s CRM module ensures that you can build and maintain strong, lasting relationships with your clients.g processes, ensuring scalability, and delivering a consumer-like experience for both employees and customers.
Of course, Odoo ensures security with 14 full backups per database globally, strict access controls, and industry-standard encryption (PBKDF2+SHA512). It runs on hardened Linux servers with encrypted management and is hosted in secure data centers with biometric security and surveillance. Data, both in production and backups, is encrypted (AES-128 or AES-256), and Odoo employs advanced DDoS mitigation, firewalls, and continuous security audits to protect against vulnerabilities like SQL injections and XSS attacks. All of this ensures a secure environment for sensitive data.
Odoo simplifies project management with clear scheduling, milestone tracking, and integrated cost and revenue management. It organizes tasks with subtasks and dependencies, provides dedicated workspaces for documents, and offers customizable reporting to monitor project progress effectively.
The Odoo project management is well-suited for managing projects with remote teams. Its cloud-based nature allows team members to access project information and collaborate from anywhere. Features like real-time updates, task assignments, document sharing, and communication tools facilitate silky-smooth collaboration and alignment.