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Client onboarding
Process3 mins read

Client onboarding – is that a thing?

Welcoming your clients into your organization is a great opportunity to build a strong rapport and outline good business strategies going ahead. Read more to know how.

Good team
Culture4 mins read

Guidelines on how to build a good team

Teams play a vital role in an organization. Working in a team encourages self-improvement, increases work fulfillment, and reduces stress. Read more to understand how to build a perfect team.

employee growth
Culture3 mins read

How can companies help in employee growth?

By offering professional development opportunities, companies attract top talent while boosting employee engagement. Read more to know how they seamlessly integrate employee growth strategies.

Manage remote teams
Productivity4 mins read

Remote Team management in 7 Steps

With new trends in remote working, it is challenging for organizations to manage their remote teams. However, with a few right steps, you can definitely get a competitive edge. Let’s read more to find out what to follow.

Hiring as a startup
Productivity2 mins read

Time Investments in Hiring as a Startup

The hiring process is a significant part of a company however, it takes an abundant amount of bandwidth to hire the right talent. Is it advisable for start-ups to invest much time in this process? Read more to find out.

Preparing Remote tech team
Culture2 mins read

Remote advantages that technology teams adore

With tech companies giving huge benefits, each employee would prefer to work remotely than in an office or even in a hybrid format of work culture. But how would you set up your teams? Read more to know.

Best impression by interviewer
Process2 mins read

As an interviewer, how can you make the best first impression of your company?

While there are many strategies for taking an interview, an interviewer should keep in mind what they need to do to create the best first impression of their company. It is one of the factors that assure your candidate in the hiring process.

Ways to manage HR in remote working
Productivity2 mins read

Different ways to manage HR in remote working culture

The remote working culture is still making headlines, but with a good reason. With such huge development, Human Resource Departments are constantly tested to deal with a spread-out workforce of distant workers, some of whom might be across the country.

Understanding ADA/WCAG compliance
Technical6 mins read

What does ADA/WCAG compliance imply for your business?

ADA/WCAG are the guidelines set by the US government with which you can make your website more accessible to people with disabilities. Let’s read more to find out about the guidelines.

To showcase myths and facts about open-source
Technical3 mins read

Facts and Myths on Open-Source Software

Open-source software defines a source code that anyone can investigate, modify, and upgrade. The copyright holder grants the users open rights to change the source code as required.

Tips to protect your eyes
Productivity2 mins read

8 Key Tips for Protecting Your Eyes While Working Remotely

Remote work has a significant impact on the way we used to work, right from our communication to working habits. Similarly, irregularly extended working periods in front of screens could harm your eyes. Let’s explore some of the tips to protect your eyes.

All Blogs2 mins read

What Is the Purpose of the Product Requirement Document (PRD)?

Product Requirement Document or PRD is the blueprint that paves the map for product development, marking every feature requirement in detail. The importance of PRD and it’s contents for successful product development is elaborated here.

Process4 mins read

Why should Singapore outsource software projects to India?

Outsourcing to India provides tremendous possibilities for far-sighted businesses to boost their innovation processes and profitability. Despite the size of the business, whether a company is seeking to grow or is trying to find new solutions to optimize their operations, outsourcing in India serves as a useful tool for all of them.

Hybrid Work
Culture3 mins read

Will hybrid work replace remote work in 2022?

Imposing any particular work culture on the driving force might not be a perfect way. Flexibility brings stability, and hence, if and only if a hybrid work model is being used to provide the utmost flexibility to associates, it can pave paths for growth and development.

Ajackus in reviews 2021
Uncategorized2 mins read

Ajackus – The Year of 2021 in reviews

Year 2021 was special for us as it added momentum to our growth journey. Here is what 2021 looked like for Ajackus in the reviews!

Process4 mins read

Why should US companies outsource software projects to India?

Outsourcing to India provides tremendous possibilities for far-sighted businesses to boost their innovation processes and profitability. Despite the size of the business, whether a company is seeking to grow or is trying to find new solutions to optimize their operations, outsourcing in India serves as a useful tool for all of them.

AI transformation in 2022
Productivity3 mins read

AI Powered technologies transformation 2022

In the near future, AI will be extremely important in accelerating the growth of businesses and industries. Businesses that use AI to improve business functions such as marketing, human resources, sales, IT operations, accounting, administration, and so on can command the top spot in their respective industries.

The Waterfall Model
Technical4 mins read

Is the Waterfall model still applicable today?

In this fast-paced digital era, there might be no space for the waterfall model as it is rigid and not so good for large projects, but the agile methodology is all about adapting changes and strategies as required. We feel, without being stuck to one development model, going hybrid is the most relevant strategy in today’s time.

Agile Methodology
Process3 mins read

Agile – A buzzword in the corporate world

Agile is not just a trending buzzword that corporates use along with words like synergy, out-of-the-box, creative, prominent, and so on. It’s way more than just a keyword. Agile is a methodology that emphasizes continuous improvement, flexibility, team input, and high-quality results delivery.

Retention a problem? Not for us!
All Blogs3 mins read

Retention a problem? Not for us!

When employee leaves, they take an important part of an organization with them. Employee retention is expensive, and it is a problem in almost all businesses around the globe. For us at Ajackus, Retention is not a problem! How? Read the blog now.

Asset Management: Challenge in Remote Work and How to Overcome It
All Blogs4 mins read

Overcoming Asset Management Difficulties in Remote Work

Asset management is not just the management of people but also their company-owned items. Many companies face asset management challenges while running their processes remotely. Here are the ways to overcome those challenges.

All Blogs1 min read

Remote Working: 5 Steps to a Better Async Connection

Communication plays a vital role in any business process. Good communication is the key to growth while the lack of communication might hold your growth back. In a remote work environment, it is quite difficult to connect with your coworkers in a synchronized manner. These five ways will help you to connect better async.

Mental Health: 5 Ways To Help Cope Remote Work Issues
All Blogs2 mins read

5 Ways To Cope With Remote Work Issues For Mental Health

Sometimes the working capacity of the brain gets badly affected and people have to face some kind of mental illness. These 5 ways will help you cope better with mental health issues and boost productivity while working remotely.

Communication: 5 Ways To Improve During Remote Work
All Blogs2 mins read

Communication: 5 Ways To Improve During Remote Work

Teams that communicate effectively are more productive and efficient, making them a valuable asset for any organization. Here are 5 ways to improve your communication in remote teams.

AI Transformation - Use Cases In 10 Major Industries
All Blogs11 mins read

AI Transformation – Revolutionizing Businesses

This blog highlights current and future use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 10 major industries. Check out how it can help your business.

No-Code/Low-Code Revolution - 5 Reasons To Embrace
All Blogs4 mins read

No-Code/Low-Code Revolution – 5 Reasons To Embrace

Discover why no-code and low code development is extremely essential for businesses to deliver future demands. It’s time for you to make the switch and see results!

Build Your Remote Technology Team At Ajackus in 3 steps
All Blogs4 mins read

Remote Technology Team Building in 3 Steps

The road Ajackus has taken is that of empowering businesses by building remote technology teams from India, serving globally in 3 integrated steps.

Ajackus software development with clutch fivestar reviews
All Blogs1 min read

Ajackus – Best Remote development technology you need

It is crucial in today’s age of technology to stay two steps ahead without compromising the present. Ajackus helps you attain that with a deep understanding of your goals and accordingly customized technology teams.

1 year of Pandemic - Ajackus In The Times Of Corona
All Blogs4 mins read

Ajackus – A Company That Cares

As we cross the threshold of one year of pandemic, we look back at how Ajackus dealt with the hurdles of Covid19 with positivity and innovation. Read more to know more.

All Blogs3 mins read

Get Your PRD Right

Product Requirement Document or PRD is the blueprint that paves the map for product development marking every feature requirement in detail. The importance of PRD and its contents for successful product development is elaborated here.

How outsourcing helps your business grow
All Blogs3 mins read

How Outsourcing Helps Your Business Grow Tremendously

Demonstrating dexterity in every department is crucial to stand out in the market today. Outsourcing can be the solution you’re seeking while trying to establish your brand’s prowess multidimensionally.

All Blogs2 mins read

Why Do Fixed-Price Projects Fail in the Technology Industry?

Fixed pricing models are proving to be inflexible for large projects and need to be substituted with other models for a better service experience.

All Blogs2 mins read

How to set up Innovative Culture?

Achieving feats without developing an innovative and inclusive work culture is nearly impossible. Here are the handouts to go about it.

Outsourcing Partner
All Blogs2 mins read

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Outsourcing Partner?

From safety to flexibility, contemplate everything you need to consider before choosing the right outsourcing partner for your business.

Be Productive
All Blogs1 min read

Your Productivity Rate Today

Productivity becomes much easier to achieve when the right tools are at your disposal. Here are the online tools we use at Ajackus to refine and boost our work lives.


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