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Healthcare Industry Stats

The global digital healthcare market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.1% from 2021-2028, reaching up to $665.37 billion. The Indian medical clinic industry representing 80% of the total medical services market is supposed to touch US$ 132 billion by 2023. As the number of patients with chronic diseases continues to rise, remote patient monitoring services become the need of the hour.

During the pandemic, several digital healthcare platforms have shown a remarkable rise in usage. Many have reported immense customer satisfaction as well. For example, Teladoc Health’s video appointments surged by 50%.  Another example would be Amwell. They confirmed the application usage increased by 158% across the US and by 650% in Washington State alone since 2020. Moreover, they reported an increase in the usage of their self-diagnosis tool by 400%.



A Note To The Healthcare Industry

In the course of the pandemic times, the need for digital healthcare has risen every single day. Hence, we realize the need for facilitating and supporting healthcare warriors around the globe. Although we can’t match footsteps with them in this challenging journey, we have pledged to take some load off their shoulders. We aim to serve patients indirectly in our humble technical capacity.

So far, Ajackus has helped clients in the healthcare industry build digital solutions for pandemic and other healthcare problems. Whether it’s Osler Health’s data and information transparency app for every stage of diagnosis, Juvoxa’s authorized medical content app, or Safe Travel Barometer’s travel safety platform.

However, we feel it’s just the beginning. We are dedicated to empowering healthcare providers in order to take full advantage of our technical edge for the future of humanity.

Forever you have been at our service, it’s our turn now!

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What Our Clients Say

Go to Ajackus with an idea of what you want and they will break it down to tell you what’s achievable within a specific time frame and at what cost. The app has garnered positive feedback from clients, who find it particularly convenient to access COVID-19 test records for travel purposes. I’ve already introduced Ajackus to another medical company, so I know exactly what to recommend.

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