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Software Testing Services

Enhance software quality with our cutting-edge software testing services, blending precision of manual expertise with the automation for speed.

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What Sets Our Testing Services Apart?

At Ajackus, our software testing services deliver precision through manual expertise and speed through automation, ensuring robust and reliable applications for our clients.

Unlock Benefits of Our Testing Services

Experience transparency, consistency, and a comprehensive technology plan with our high-quality software testing services.

Manual Testing

Enhance user-friendliness by observing application behavior through meticulous manual testing services.

Automation Testing

Achieve early defect detection, cost reduction, and speedy feedback with advanced automated testing services.

API Testing

Detect errors early by accessing applications without interacting with external systems through our API testing services.

Load Testing

Identify bottlenecks, system limits, and causes of performance degradation with thorough load testing services.

Security Testing

Comprehend organizational vulnerabilities and risk exposure through comprehensive security testing services.

Quality Audit

Ensure alignment with documented quality procedures through quality audit services, comparing them with real-world practices.


We harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your software undergoes thorough and efficient testing. Our expertise in advanced tools empowers us to deliver high-quality results, combining precision and speed to elevate the reliability of your applications.

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Robot Framework







Industries we work with

Ajackus' tailored software testing services are designed to meet the unique challenges of diverse industries. Our expert testing team ensures that your applications meet industry-specific standards by delivering precise, efficient, and reliable testing solutions.



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Gain the Edge in Software Testing

Experience a distinctive edge with Ajackus' software testing services, delivering insights that go beyond testing, contributing to the overall success of your projects.

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Embark on a journey of success with real-world examples of how our software testing services have made a tangible impact for our precious clients. Explore the transformative results achieved and envision the possibilities for your own projects.

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Once the due diligence process is complete, we aim to commence testing within 5 business days.
The QA cycle depends on your requirements. For a stable product, we recommend a 15-day cycle, though the final decision depends on various parameters impacting product development. We work collaboratively to find the most effective testing schedule for your project.
Yes, we have agreements of association in place. These agreements, signed before engagement begins, outline the terms and conditions, fostering a clear understanding and a strong foundation for a successful partnership.
Security is a paramount concern for us. Our testing process includes rigorous security testing to identify vulnerabilities and ensure the robustness of your application against potential threats.
Absolutely, Yes! Ajackus specializes in testing services for a variety of applications, including web and mobile. Our testing strategies are tailored to the specific requirements of each platform, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
While we handle the majority of testing activities, your input and collaboration are valuable. We may require access to certain resources and insights into your application's functionalities to conduct thorough testing effectively.
Communication is key. We provide regular updates on the testing progress, including reports, insights, and any identified issues. Our goal is to keep you well-informed throughout the testing lifecycle.
Certainly. Manual testing involves human intervention to assess application functionalities, while automated testing uses scripts and tools for efficiency. The choice depends on factors like project complexity, timelines, and cost-effectiveness, and we determine the most suitable approach based on your project requirements.
Ajackus tailors testing methodologies to align with industry standards and specific regulatory requirements. Our team possesses industry-specific knowledge, ensuring that your application meets the unique quality standards of your sector.

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Explore diverse IT services. We combine innovation, technology, and strategic insights to deliver customized solutions that drive success for you in the digital landscape.

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