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Remote advantages that technology teams adore

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Jun 22, 2022·2 mins read

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    Many companies have completely embraced the remote working culture and why not? The immense remote benefits that this culture puts forth make it an ideal business arrangement, especially for the technology sector. Besides high-speed internet and project management apps, the shift to remote working has been seen to improve team dynamics and eventually company culture. 

    Today, the idea of building worldwide groups has become progressively well known. Because of lower work costs, a broader talent pool, and endless scaling opportunities, an ever-increasing number of companies are enthusiastic about recruiting groups of distant engineers. Large tech organizations, generally the forerunners of innovation, have responded positively to this. Facebook, Shopify, Twitter, Dropbox, and Spotify are only a few examples of tech giants that have carried out arrangements to permit employees to work remotely.

    Apart from providing no commute and flexible work times, there are various benefits that make remote working a big hit among team members. Let’s check out the benefits a company should provide that tech teams love.


    Caring about them is one of the most significant benefits that employees look for when they look for remote work. At Ajackus, we consider our employees to be our topmost priority. Encouraging open communication, we demonstrate trust and faith in their work. In addition, by supporting career growth, a company can show care towards its candidates.


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    Recognizing and appreciating the hard work and efforts of the employees in itself is a big reward. Other rewards like appraisals and awards are given at Ajackus, which makes our employees feel valued as they should.


    Whether it is a vacation or simply some time off that the employees need, Ajackus provides the liberty to choose the holidays. This gives flexibility so that the team members can manage their work per their time.

    Work environment

    We at Ajackus believe that a positive work environment can do wonders. Hence, we provide our employees with the right assets and choices of gadgets. This can be one of the most exciting parts that our tech teams love.

    These and many more benefits of remote work are not simply operational, but they create a significant impact on creating company culture. So, having understood the advantages, let’s see how a company can prepare your team to work remotely.

    Refined Recruitment process

    Candidates in a row, engaged in a refined recruitment process.
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    Recruitment is one of the foremost crucial processes that a company should look into. When you characterize your candidate’s persona, work out all the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ supporting your company and brand. Once you nail this down, communicate it clearly to your candidates. It provides them with a perfectly clear image of what they’re applying for.

    Right Communication tools

    There are a plethora of communication tools that make worldwide communication possible in the most convenient way. Among the many, a company needs to find out which tool works best for their tech teams to communicate async and strategize. Utilizing effective tools is fundamental to avoiding bottlenecks and confusion during working remotely.

    Managing and tracking tools

    As there are communication tools like Slack and Teams, a company should invest in managing and tracking tools as well. For instance, a text message would not be sufficient to assign a task among the teams, but tools like Jira, Airtable, or Trello would help. However, while you assign work to your remote tech teams, avoid micromanaging them.


    Arranging a team meet-up, even once a year, for all your remote teams is essential for building real connections within. Utilize this amazing chance to associate with your team members on an individual level.

    To conclude

    The future of work is remote. For the companies who are navigating a remote culture for the first time, the challenges might seem inconceivable. With the right tools and right leadership, a company can easily create remote tech teams.

    Every company has unique ways to prepare its teams. Click here to improve the communication in your remote teams.

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