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How to set up Innovative Culture?

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Siddhesh Patankar

Nov 23, 2020·7 mins read

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    One of the conditions for innovation to flourish is a healthy environment. Innovation can only happen when mistakes are celebrated and are being learned from. The fail-forward strategy or a culture of innovation is what makes an organization more progressive.

    You need to establish a structure anyone can initiate to bring innovation into the workplace; it is not just a process, but a group of processes together that defines the culture of the company.

    Understand the importance of ideas and creativity that the team can bring to every aspect of the workplace, and hence, strive to create an environment that supports such a thought process.

    Setting Up Innovative Culture

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    Here is what we at Ajackus have implemented so far based on our research and understanding.

    A flexible morning routine

    The morning is when you prioritize yourself. We meditate, eat healthy, exercise, and read. To cultivate a culture of innovation, we allow team members to govern their time. Let them come online when they want and leave when they want.

    As long as team members do a great job on their projects, does it matter when they work?

    According to research, a flexible morning routine leads to more employee engagement and loyalty than the traditional model of demanding people to show up at a particular time.


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    It is said that meditation or mindfulness is a powerful tool. There is ample science to show that meditating daily, even for a short period, results in people making better decisions. They are more creative, and they communicate more effectively.

    Several studies show meditation benefits health and wellness and enhances human functioning. It is surprising to know how critical a component of meditation and mindfulness is for innovation. We, at Ajackus, try to keep mental awareness, mindfulness, or meditation program to encourage an innovative attitude.


    Our team members get access to educational portals like Udemy to learn a wide range of topics. It gets addictive as once team members start learning, they enjoy the hyper-growth. We encourage the attitude of being a life-long learner.

    Respect Sleep

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    Sleep is also essential to set up a culture of innovation. We do not believe that burning out is a badge of honor. Sleep is essential to well-being and high performance. When a person does not get enough sleep, you see immunity goes down by up to 500 percent.

    That means more sick days. You also see anxiety and stress go up, and that’s bad for many cultures. Ninety minutes of less sleep than you need equates to a one-third drop in cognition. So we let our team members sleep peacefully.

    Speed Learning

    Every team member is encouraged to unlearn certain things that are not relevant today. The ability to work faster is not only excellent but also essential. We give our team members the time to adjust and pick on their speed of learning to save more time. This helps to invest in being more innovative and productive.

    Hiring Process

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    Ajackus hires people from all parts of India, having different cultures and backgrounds. We hire people from non-technical backgrounds as well. The result so far has been great, with insights that come our way every single day due to this high level of diversity.

    Busting the pyramid structure

    We love listening to the opinions of our colleagues and get worried when they go blank. We thrive when our team members keep their eyes and ears open and surprise us with beautiful ideas.

    Continuous Skill Development

    Encouraging continuous skill development is pivotal in fostering an innovative environment. Our team members have access to a variety of training programs and workshops. Whether it’s honing technical skills or acquiring new ones, we believe that investing in skill development empowers our team to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table.

    Open Communication Channels

    Maintaining open communication channels is essential for innovation to flourish. We create platforms for team members to freely share ideas, voice concerns, and collaborate without hierarchical constraints. This approach ensures that every team member feels heard and valued, contributing to a culture where innovative solutions can sprout from diverse viewpoints.

    Embracing Failure as a Learning Opportunity

    Innovation often involves taking risks and trying new approaches. At Ajackus, we understand that not every idea will succeed, and that’s perfectly acceptable. We foster a culture where failure is seen as a valuable learning opportunity. Encouraging our team to embrace setbacks as stepping stones to success cultivate resilience and a fearless approach to innovation.

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    Breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional collaboration is fundamental to our innovative culture. We encourage team members from different departments to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and bring diverse skill sets to the table. This cross-pollination of expertise often leads to groundbreaking solutions that may not have emerged within departmental boundaries.

    Celebrating Small Wins

    Acknowledging and celebrating small wins is a crucial aspect of our culture. Whether it’s a successful project completion, a creative solution, or an individual accomplishment, we make it a point to recognize and celebrate these moments. This boosts morale and reinforces the idea that every contribution, no matter how small, is integral to our collective success.

    Feedback Loops

    Establishing robust feedback loops is key to continuous improvement. We actively seek feedback from team members at all levels and use it as a catalyst for refining processes, enhancing communication, and fostering a culture of innovation. Regular feedback sessions provide insights that help us evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of remote work.

    Empowering Employee Autonomy

    Empowering our team members with autonomy over their projects and tasks is central to our innovative culture. By providing the freedom to make decisions and take ownership of their work, we cultivate a sense of responsibility and accountability. This autonomy sparks creativity and encourages team members to explore inventive solutions without unnecessary constraints.

    Promoting Diversity in Leadership

    We understand the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation. Ajackus actively promotes diversity in leadership roles, ensuring that individuals from various backgrounds and experiences contribute to decision-making processes. This enriches our approach to problem-solving and fosters a culture of innovation that reflects a broad range of insights and ideas.

    Encouraging “Innovation Time”

    Allocating specific time dedicated to innovation within the workweek is a practice we embrace. This dedicated “innovation time” allows our team members to explore new ideas, experiment with creative solutions, and collaborate with colleagues on innovative projects. It serves as a structured approach to nurture a culture where innovation is not just encouraged but systematically integrated into our workflow.

    Inclusive Ideation Sessions

    Regular ideation sessions are conducted, involving team members from diverse roles and levels within the organization. These sessions provide a platform for sharing ideas, brainstorming solutions, and fostering collaborative creativity. By ensuring inclusivity in these sessions, we tap into a collective pool of knowledge and experiences, igniting innovation from all corners of the team.

    Cross-Team Hackathons

    Organizing cross-team hackathons is a dynamic way to stimulate innovation. These events bring together individuals from different teams to work collaboratively on time-bound projects, encouraging the rapid generation of inventive solutions. Cross-team hackathons not only enhance teamwork but also fuel a spirit of healthy competition, inspiring teams to push boundaries and discover innovative approaches.

    Investing in Emerging Technologies

    Staying ahead in the tech landscape is crucial for innovation. So, Ajackus invests in exploring and adopting emerging technologies. This proactive approach ensures that our team is well-versed in the latest advancements, enabling us to incorporate cutting-edge solutions into our projects and stay at the forefront of innovation in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

    Agile Project Management

    Adopting an agile project management approach allows us to respond swiftly to changing requirements and encourages iterative development. This flexibility in project management not only enhances efficiency but also creates an environment where adapting to new ideas and innovations becomes a seamless part of the work process.

    Cultivating a Growth Mindset

    Promoting a growth mindset among our team members is a cornerstone of our innovation culture. Embracing challenges, viewing failures as opportunities to learn, and continually seeking improvement are integral aspects of a growth mindset. This mindset fosters a culture where individuals are not afraid to take risks, experiment, and innovate in their respective roles.

    Community Engagement and Knowledge Sharing

    Active engagement with the broader community and knowledge-sharing initiatives are integral to our innovation culture. Whether through hosting webinars, participating in industry forums, or contributing to open-source projects, we encourage our team to stay connected with the larger community. This exchange of ideas broadens individual perspectives and brings external insights that can spark innovative solutions within our organization.

    With these tiny steps, we are trying to set up a culture of innovation at Ajackus. The goal is to get better each year.

    Conclusion: Setting Up Innovative Culture

    In the remote work journey, it’s not just about getting things done; it’s about creating an environment where innovation flourishes. We’ve built a culture where everyone’s ideas matter, failure is seen as a chance to learn, and continuous skill development is encouraged.

    From embracing diverse perspectives to allocating time for innovation, each step contributes to our collaborative approach. We explore new technologies, foster a growth mindset, and actively connect with the community, creating a vibrant ecosystem of ideas.

    Beyond the tools, we focus on empowering each team member, promoting diversity, and ensuring well-being. It’s a journey where everyone plays a role in shaping a future where remote work isn’t just a trend but a way of thriving together.

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