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How to set up Innovative Culture?

Achieving feats without developing an innovative and inclusive work culture is nearly impossible. Here are the handouts to go about it.

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by Ajackus Team

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One of the conditions for innovation to flourish is a healthy environment. Innovation can only happen when the mistakes are celebrated and are being learned from. The fail-forward strategy or a culture of innovation is what makes an organization more progressive.

We need to establish a structure anyone can initiate to bring innovation into the workplace, it is not just a process, but a group of processes together that defines the culture of the company. 

We understand the importance of ideas and creativity that the team can bring to every aspect of the workplace, and hence, we strive to create an environment that supports such a thought process.

Here is what we have implemented so far based on our research and understanding.

A flexible morning routine

The morning is when you prioritize yourself. We meditate, eat healthy, exercise, and read. To cultivate a culture of innovation, we allow team members to govern their time. Let them come online when they want and leave when they want. As long as team members do a great job on their projects, does it matter when they work? According to research, a flexible morning routine leads to more employee engagement and loyalty than the traditional model of demanding people to show up at a particular time.


It is said that meditation or mindfulness is a powerful tool. There is ample science to show that meditating daily, even for a short period, results in people making better decisions. They are more creative, and they communicate more effectively. At least fifteen thousand studies show meditation is beneficial for health, wellness, and enhancing human functioning. It is surprising to know how critical a component of meditation and mindfulness is for innovation. We, at Ajackus, try to keep mental awareness, mindfulness, or meditation program to encourage an innovative attitude.


Our team members get access to educational portals like Udemy to learn a wide range of topics. It gets addictive as once team members start learning, they enjoy the hyper-growth. We encourage the attitude of being a life-long learner.

Respect Sleep

Sleep is also essential to set up a culture of innovation. We do not believe that burning out is a badge of honor. Sleep is essential to well-being and high performance. When a person does not get enough sleep, you see the immunity go down by up to 500 percent. That means more sick days. You also see anxiety and stress go up, and that’s bad for many cultures. Ninety minutes of less sleep than you need equates to a one-third drop in cognition. So we let our team members sleep peacefully.

Speed Learning

Every team member is encouraged to unlearn certain things that are not relevant today. The ability to work faster is not only excellent but also essential. We give our team members the time to adjust and pick on their speed of learning to save more time. This helps to invest in being more innovative and productive.

Hiring process

Ajackus hires people from all parts of India having different cultures and backgrounds. We hire people from non-technical backgrounds as well. The result so far has been great, with insights that come our way every single day due to this high level of diversity.

Busting the pyramid structure

We love listening to the opinions of our colleagues and get worried when they go blank. We thrive when our team members keep their eyes and ears open and surprise us with beautiful ideas.

With these tiny steps, we are trying to set up a culture of innovation at Ajackus. The goal is to get better each year. 

If this is the type of workplace that excites you, then, visit our careers page right away, we are always looking for a person like you to join us.



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