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Communication: 5 Ways To Improve During Remote Work

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Aug 19, 2021·2 mins read

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    In the world of business, communication is key to success. You can’t become successful without understanding how important it is to have open lines of dialogue between yourself and your clients, employees, or co-workers in order for you both to get where you need to be as quickly as possible.

    With the arrival of Covid19 and the remote work culture, having an effective system that keeps everyone on the same page has never been more important. If there are any glitches with communicating information then this will cause a delay which slows down productivity.

    Here are five reasons why we are emphasizing so much on the importance of communication during remote work:

    1. Distributes information to all concerned parties at once and brings them on the same page.
    2. Saves time and energy going back and forth on calls between tasks.
    3. Provides emotional relief and helps focus better while working alone remotely.
    4. Helps record projects and tasks better whether on a dedicated platform or mails and messages.
    5. Increases overall productivity and employee relationship while working alone.

    Now that you know why better communication skills are important for a remote work setting, we can move forward to how we can improve communication skills in the said environment.

    5 ways to help improve communication during remote work

    Ask For Async Reporting Communication Between Tasks

    While working remotely, it is important to keep the entire team updated about the status of all the tasks and also to clarify doubts frequently. Doing so on calls is not always possible and can become a disturbance in a remote working environment. To eliminate this issue, it is extremely important to set up a remote work task reporting protocol to be adopted on a mailing or messaging platform following which, your team can easily manage multiple tasks without confusion.

    Encourage To Ask Questions

    When stuck with a blocker in a task, asking the right questions to managers or colleagues can often result in an effective solution. Encourage your team members to ask questions while working remotely and when coming up with the right questions, also ask them to come up with a potential solution to make the process faster.

    Promote Preplanning Before Brainstorming Meets

    Before a brainstorming session, ask your team members to plan the topics, categories, and potential solutions they are going to bring forth. This saves time and gives the discussion a direction.

    Train For Online Meeting etiquette and Communication

    Train your teammates for online meeting etiquettes like muting the microphone in an online meeting when not speaking or speaking in turns and listening carefully. At Ajackus, we have covered Online Meeting Etiquette training in our course, Remote Team Fundamentals – I, at our very own learning platform Ajackus LearnVilla.

    Dedicate Time For Virtual Get-Togethers

    Remote work can be isolating and depressing. It is important to communicate with your employees outside of work calls and ensure their mental well-being. Having virtually gaming events or get-togethers can prove to be highly effective in this case.

    Hope this list helped you recognize the path you need to take to improve your team’s communication skills. For team members at Ajackus, we have a dedicated learning website called Ajackus LearnVilla that helps them learn everything ranging from Remote Work Fundamentals to Technical skills and always stay ahead of the curve.

    Learn more about how we train our employees here. Read our other blogs here.

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