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Retention a problem? Not for us!

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Nov 11, 2021·3 mins read

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    In a world where corporate slavery is being consciously called out, employee retention is still a problem. Even if the bureaucratic style of working is being replaced by modern workplaces. But to pull this problem out of the roots, we need to first find out why it still persists.

    Retaining an employee needs both a subjective and an objective approach. This is something that we inherently practice at Ajackus. Building policies and a culture that supports the current workforce on a fundamental level is what we can call the objective approach while focusing particularly on an individual employee with EQ while solving their issues can be marked as subjective. We have incorporated Policies, and benefits as well as developed a culture with our 8 intrinsic values that help us retain 93% of our workforce on average. This is much higher than the normal retention rate in the industry.

    The Retention Problems

    • An absence of an inclusive and understanding culture.
    • Not paying employees what they deserve
    • Mis-trusting and not respecting employees enough.
    • Not having emotionally intelligent policies.
    • Rewards and benefits missing for employees that are just and thoughtful.

    How we eliminate retention problems

    Addressing retention challenges: tailored support, guidance, and growth prospects for employees.
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    At Ajackus we eliminate all the above problems with innovative and flexible solutions. Let’s discuss how we solve each of the above problems here at Ajackus. This will give you a clear picture of how you can implement solutions for your own organization.


    We create a culture of inclusivity and understanding of that of a human being. We make sure to approach each employee as a significant part of the organization who happens to be a human being. At all times we make sure that we don’t fall into the bureaucratic style of dealing with our people. We don’t just work with our employees but also, laugh, share, celebrate and play with them. In hard times, we try our best to become the support our employees. This helps us become better leaders and our teams care for our values and goals.


    We pay what one deserves. We don’t believe in cost-cutting by charging our team members for it. Remuneration is an important motivation for anyone to be at work and we understand that. In fact, for most people, it is a necessity. Thus, we make sure that work is not a painful reality where they strive towards burnout for a small sum. Even during the pandemic, we made sure that there are no pay cuts or layouts. We paid every teammate on time and implemented the policy of All Leaves Paid in 2021 in order to support them during these tough times.


    One of our 8 values is Trustworthiness. This automatically means that once a team member walks into the premises of Ajackus, we put our faith completely in them. The order of the day at Ajackus is to trust team members enough on their intentions and dedication and never disrespect them with our doubts. This helps our teammates realize that Ajackus is equally theirs. This feeling is important to retain an employee. In fact, this feeling is more important than retention in order to make a company grow exponentially.


    Our policies are a great way of how we make sure that every team member is treated fairly. Policies like vaccination reimbursement, remote work support with all kinds of assets and co-working space registrations, remote work policies, flexible leave policies, training policies, sexual harassment policies, induction experience policies are some that we implement to make our employees feel safe and content.

    Putting the right rewards and recognition systems as well as benefits for employees is crucial in making them comfortable, happy, and understood at the workplace. At Ajackus we have recognition programs such as R&R Programs and Spot Awards along with appraisals to appreciate the hard work put in by team members every day. We also bring innovation in providing benefits like streaming service subscriptions, medical care, learning platform subscriptions, wellness programs, gaming events, and more to enrich our workplace experience.

    These endeavors have helped us tremendously in retaining our team members and we are sure that if you understand and implement the same in your organization, you are going to retain most of the talent you have nurtured by putting all the hiring and training efforts on them.

    Read more about how we develop your technology teams here.

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