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Guidelines on how to build a good team

Teams play a vital role in an organization. Working in a team encourages self-improvement, increases work fulfillment, and reduces stress. Read more to understand how to build a perfect team.

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Building a good team is a continuous process and not just a one-time thing. Teams are generally responsible to assist companies to evolve into a cohesive unit and having a perfect team is always a good sign. For this very reason, companies should often invest some serious time into creating a good team and enhancing the present teams towards perfection.

A team takes on a unique kind of energy and you need to consistently support and maintain it, similarly as we do for individual employees. This is what most Employee Relations Consultants advise us to follow. Without a team, an individual restricts one’s productivity and limits efforts plus creativity in a task.

The team members share a similar goal along with support and most importantly trust for one another. Our teams at Ajackus respect each one’s differences and practice inclusivity. We believe that each member of the team has a role in building a good team. 

Let us have some insights into how we at Ajackus build perfect remote technology teams. 

Ajackus: Building a team

At Ajackus, a perfect team is built with the best people that understand the company’s ‘why’ in the best way. We help businesses build agile and accountable technology teams in India that deliver secure and scalable business solutions globally. With Fast Hiring, Integrated Training and Continuously Aligning of talent, Ajackus provides the right, operable, and vigorous solutions that are adept to ensure growth.

In other words, companies get the benefit of the right team without having any burden of administrating or operating them. It enables businesses to utilize their bandwidth elsewhere like in the growth department. We at Ajackus believe that this can do wonders for a company. 

Attributes of a Good Team at Ajackus:

  1. Leader – A team needs a good leader. It’s the key.
  2. Motivation – Giving strong motivation, the team fulfills the projects.
  3. Communication – They communicate clearly in a systematic and organized manner.
  4. Accountability – Instead of naming a scapegoat, they take account of their actions.
  5. Feedback – The team provides constructive criticism.
  6. Problem-solving – With clear questions, they brainstorm ideas to get over obstacles.  
  7. Practice inclusivity – They includes everyone celebrating each other’s differences.
  8. Emotional intelligence – Emotional help is sometimes more necessary than technical help from the team members.
  9. Respect – In a team, each member is treated with respect creating a positive culture.
  10. Trust – They provides each other a sense of safety.  

Now that is something that makes for a perfect team! 

High-performing teams do not simply appear out of thin air, they require planning. One great solution for this is Outsourcing. With expertise in building phenomenal teams, consulting companies design with careful consideration of the company’s set of values, goals, and code of ethics. Taking your company as the top priority, your dynamic teams get built in the briefest measure of time. Without this initiative, the company is merely a set of co-workers. 

Let us have a look at the steps towards making a good team.

Steps to build a perfect team:

1. Make a clear plan:

Leaders owe their team members clear answers to questions like ‘where are going with this task’ and ‘how are we going to reach there’. In simpler words, the members need to understand the goal and how to measure progress. This creates the greatest challenge. Hence, at Ajackus, we believe that a well-thought-out plan is a must. Our leaders design a clear and measurable objective for the goals that need to be accomplished.

2. Establish transparent communication:

The goal is set, the plan is ready, and the measures are set to be executed. However, there should be clear communication about this. Often the information gets lost in translation basically on the grounds that people focus more on expectations and not goals. In order to avoid gaps in work, we cultivate transparency that includes consistent enhancements in each layer of the company’s communication channels.

3. Perfect the hiring process:

The hiring process is one of the most crucial ones in maintaining a company. The best organizations succeed on the account of their workforce, given they build a well-thought-of recruitment process.  Ajackus has more than 11+ years of experience in hiring the right team and recently has introduced a concept of Cloud Interviewing that will bring immense benefits for candidates and the hiring companies as well. 

4. Offer learning options:

This is a step that leads to enhancing present teams towards perfection. Incessant learning will prepare everyone for the long-term growth of the company. In order to do this, Ajackus utilizes digital learning strategies that help our teams to grow and develop their skills. With the application LearnVilla, Ajackus has created a special platform in order to imbibe a strong focus on remote learning. However, companies can choose the right channel instead of creating one.  

In short:

Every company aims to create a good and strong team, and why not? It is evidently seen that companies are more likely to perform significantly well when their people work collectively towards a shared objective. The combined efforts of a team are more remarkable than an individual. This provides a significant increase in the overall productivity of a company. 

In addition to these steps, there is one more aspect that companies should look into, and that is the benefits for their teams. 

Click here to know which benefits would your remote technology teams love to gain. 

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