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Remote Working: 5 Steps to a Better Async Connection

Communication plays a vital role in any business process. Good communication is the key to growth while the lack of communication might hold your growth back. In a remote work environment, it is quite difficult to connect with your coworkers in a synchronized manner. These five ways will help you to connect better async.

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That’s right. All those scheduled calls can be a well-crafted message. Getting async updates not only saves time but also a lot of frustration and confusion. One of the hardest things about remote working is not being able to connect with your coworkers in a synchronized manner. This can be frustrating. Luckily there are several ways through which we can stay in sync (if only we are ready to adopt new working protocols).

Here are five ways to connect better async:

  1. Use a single communication channel – This eliminates the trouble of going back and forth about tasks in multiple places and helps resolve issues quickly and without confusion.
  2. Request feedback with specific questions – When trying to get feedback, asking specific questions help get both the parties to come to the point quicker and the dilemmas are eliminated faster. It can also help you improve productivity in the long run.
  3. Check timings before scheduling meetings – Set meetings at the same time zone as where your teammates are located. This saves you the part where you are
  4. Check emails and messages – Make it a point to check your messages every hour and mails at least twice a day to avoid missing information crucial for you.
  5. Update everything – Update every move as a record in the concerned group in your communication channel so that everyone is on the same page at all times and no information is missed about any task

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Communicating the right way can solve so much. Hope these tips help you in building the best remote working model for your organization


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