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Siddhesh Patankar

Mar 26, 2021·8 mins read

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    Ajackus has been humbled by the unusual experience that the year of the pandemic has given us. We survived because of the blessings we received for our safety. But while looking back at the losses the world has borne in terms of lives and livelihoods, the foremost duty of us all is to give back.

    How did Ajackus strive to make a difference during the pandemic?

    Serving is in the DNA of Ajackus, and while we were battling the pandemic ourselves, we made sure to contribute in one way or another. Let us share a montage of the entire experience.

    We Helped Increase Employment During Pandemic

    people are working remotely from various places
    Image Source: https://www.aninews.in/

    In times when employment was an alarming problem and laying people off was the basic survival strategy for businesses, we decided to take up the issue rather differently.

    We altered our business strategy in such a way that the employment would promote our success further.

    • This allowed us to hire talents across remote corners of India
    • Expand offices in 5 locations across India
    • Grow our company strength by a full 180%

    Even today, we are consistently hiring and growing. We are making sure that the lives we’re touching stay empowered and self-sufficient in every way. The government of India has also recognized our efforts by identifying us as ‘Companies That Care.’

    Ajackus featured among ‘companies that care.’

    This is one way that we have given back the blessings we have received.

    We Made Remote Work The Norm Permanently

    a girl working on a desk using table lamp
    Image Source: https://inhuntworld.com/

    We have adapted well to the needs of the hour by making remote work the norm at Ajackus. Wielding the power of technology, we were at an advantage despite the isolating nature of the pandemic.

    We upgraded our entire system to enhance the new remote work culture at Ajackus through,

    • Remote work training sessions for team members
    • Custom tools and amenities are specially designed to facilitate quality performance
    • Workshops with professional influencers to make team members ready for future work skills

    The patience and understanding our clients displayed while we were at it, encouraged us sevenfold, and we are grateful.

    We Aided Mental Wellness For Pandemic Troubles

    The pandemic deteriorated the mental wellbeing of people around the world in several ways and we made sure not to let that happen to our team members.

    We made consistent efforts throughout the year to aid the issue by,

    • Our collaboration with Ashwin Patel in helping our team members reignite positive energy through meditation.
    • Mental exercise sessions with our client and COO at WAI, Jyot Rekhi, helping team members activate quick reflexes, focus, and think out of the box mindset.

    It would have been unfair if this pandemic made us interact any less with our Ajackus family, as we are a people-first company, and our team members are our wealth. Thus, we celebrated every occasion, even at a distance.

    Virtual celebrations happened all year round and helped us maintain a work-life balance. We celebrated Diwali, Valentine’s, and Christmas and held several gaming events to make interaction a compulsion.

    We Supported Further Growth During Pandemic

    Consistent support was delivered to each team member at Ajackus, marking how difficult growth in a pandemic is. Some of those efforts included throughout the one year of the pandemic at Ajackus were:

    • Mandatory one-on-one monthly interactions between Team leaders and teammates for a personal touch.
    • Professional mentorship in performance and career growth with our combined leadership experience.
    • Custom training modules and availed Udemy & Pluralsight courses for further skill development of our talent during the lockdown.
    • Ajackus Cultural Champ competition to inculcate our 8 values within the thought process of our team members.

    We are grateful to every team member for matching every step in these efforts and helping Ajackus run swiftly toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

    The Clients Who We Helped

    We were fortunate to associate with clients who defeated the virus through their ingenious endeavors. Let’s celebrate their vision together.

    Osler Health

    Osler Health cut edges with its vision to make healthcare easy and accessible to each patient who graces its doors. While patients worldwide struggled with a lack of information at every stage of COVID treatment, the Osler Health app made it extremely convenient for patients to have complete transparency at every treatment step, no matter the diagnosis.

    Safe Travel Barometer

    Traveling is not always a luxury. In fact, it is a necessity in most instances. But the entire year of the pandemic has made it extremely difficult by making people choose between two necessities.

    Safe Travel Barometer took it upon themselves to eliminate that dilemma. With their initiative to track and rate the safety levels of airports, hotels, and more, STB played a crucial role in bringing back travel by making it safe.

    We are elated to be a part of their journey. Learn more about the news STB made with their mission here.

    Our Future After The Pandemic

    One year of the pandemic has taught us that whether you’re flowing with the current or against it, you have to swim anyway. This attitude helped us find innovation in the most unexpected places. We are humbled and grateful for such a survival strategy and aim to give back in the upcoming year.

    To strengthen the core of the people who make us, we aim to consistently create employment and give remote talents a chance to play on the world stage.

    As our core services shift from individual software solutions to remote technology team building, we focus on hiring talents swiftly, integrating them with relevant training, and aligning them towards visions that make the world a better place.

    Today, in 2024, we have introduced many policies at Ajackus that have made us a Great Place To Work.

    Work Options at Ajackus

    A woman working remotely attends a video conference on two monitors at her desk, representing a company meeting.
    Image Source: https://www.flexjobs.com/

    Joining Ajackus is more than just a job; it’s an invitation to reshape your work experience in terms of how, where, and when you work. Embracing a remote-first approach, we acknowledge the growing appeal of flexible work structures.

    However, this doesn’t mean you lack choices.

    • Hybrid Work Option: Opt for your preferred workspace, whether it’s the comfort of home or the dynamic office environment.
    • Home Office Support: If you need assistance setting up your home office, we’ve got you covered. Your productivity sanctuary is just a setup away.
    • Flexible Working Hours: Clock in 8 hours, but decide how you spread them across your day. It’s entirely up to you. We prioritize seamlessly integrating work into your life.

    Ajackus Benefits: Enjoy allowances, Provident Fund (PF), and more!

    Step into a workplace that nurtures professional growth and prioritizes your well-being.

    • Monthly Allowances: We offer cool perks to keep you connected and fit. Our monthly allowances cover internet expenses and provide access to gym or health classes.
    • Secure Your Future: Don’t worry about tomorrow! We contribute to your Provident Fund (PF), ensuring a stable and secure future.
    • Overall Well-Being: Your health is our priority. Our health insurance plan extends to your loved ones, ensuring comprehensive well-being coverage.
    • Entertainment for Everyone: Weekends are for relaxation; we provide the entertainment to match. Enjoy a variety pack with Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, Sonyliv, and more. Kick back and relax – you’ve earned it!

    At Ajackus, we’ve got your future, health, and weekends all taken care of. We eagerly await your presence in a workplace that prioritizes you.

    City Meetups: Cultivating Connections Beyond Virtual Meetings

    City meetup of ajackus

    At Ajackus, our work culture thrives on connection and camaraderie. Despite being a remote-first company, we’ve devised unique initiatives to bridge the distance – City Meetups and the Annual City Hub. These initiatives bring our teams from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune together, fostering collaboration and creating unforgettable memories.

    City Meetups

    Our remote team gathers monthly at a vibrant coworking space for face-to-face fun. Picture the Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune teams transforming their workspace into a blend of serious work and friendly chit-chat. While focusing on daily tasks, there’s an air of office gossip, making our monthly meetup a fusion of productivity and storytelling.

    If you look around, you’ll witness the marketing team crafting creative projects, turning our workspace into a mini movie set. Our HRs add a personal touch by requesting expense reports in person – no more emails. You’ll also see colleagues scoring deals during our Black Friday Sales.

    But wait, at Ajackus, it’s not just about monthly work + fun meetups. Once a year, it’s purely fun – no work!

    Annual City Hub

    Enter the grand affair – our Annual City Hub. This event sees our Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune teams coming together for an evening of celebration. It’s not your typical party; it’s a blend of commemorating hard work, victories, and milestones achieved throughout the year. Think of it as the ultimate celebration where success and laughter go hand in hand!

    Workcation: Balancing Work Hard and Play Hard

    Every year, our teams earn a well-deserved break with our workcation reward. It’s a token of appreciation for excelling at work and participating in our fun activities (because fun isn’t exclusive to top performers!). It’s our way of expressing gratitude for your hard work and dedication.

    From team-building to brainstorming by the beach, our workcation is the perfect fusion of productivity and play, ensuring team members return recharged and energized.

    No Approval Needed Leave Policy

    In contrast to traditional workplaces where obtaining leave involves navigating a complex web of formalities and seeking managerial approval, Ajackus has redefined the process. Our leave policy empowers you by eliminating hurdles. No more stress or guilt; just the freedom to take the necessary time.

    Recognizing that everyone deserves time to relax and recharge, our ‘No Approval Needed’ Leave Policy is a game-changer. It caters to employees who might hesitate to request paid leave, allowing them to enjoy time off without the hassle of approval processes. Because sometimes, a break is necessary without questions or complications.

    Virtual Fun Activities at Ajackus

    Working at Ajackus goes beyond the daily grind – we spice it up with fun activities. These activities serve a dual purpose: combating burnout and building bonds through team-building escapades, creative challenges, or friendly competitions. Our team is committed to striking the perfect balance between productivity and enjoyment.

    Join Ajackus

    Ajackus distinguishes itself as a champion of a novel work methodology. We are not just putting forward a job opportunity; we are providing a revolutionary career experience. At Ajackus, we defy traditional norms and place you at the center of your professional journey.

    As a top-tier remote technology team, we can fuel your exponential growth. Drop us a message today, and let’s embark on the journey to change the world together!

    Are you ready to join us and elevate your career growth? Reach out to us now.

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