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Company culture: Why work at Ajackus?

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Siddhesh Patankar

Feb 07, 2022·7 mins read

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    Helping businesses scale through harnessing the power of technology and building holistic career opportunities is what Ajackus strives for. Every year is special for us as it adds momentum to our journey to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy technological solutions providers.

    Since our inception, our goal has remained the same: to be the best partner for our clients. Because of their support and success, we thrive as full-fledged technology service providers.

    Here is what a day at Ajackus looks like.

    Clutch Review Rating

    Clutch Review Rating
    Image Source: Clutch

    Clutch is a B2B review and rating platform encompassing IT, development, creative, marketing, and business services. Last year, our team earned 5-star reviews that highlight our vast range of services.

    We thank our partners who put beautiful words for us on the platform.

    Here is what they wrote about us on Clutch:

    “Their proactiveness stands out to me. If they see a problem, they always try to solve it rather than wait for us to discover it. Likewise, their communication is impressive; they take it quite seriously, which is good for us because we learn from them.”
    — Bhavya Shriti, Founder, Smeltt

    “Ajackus has a diverse team, skills that stretch based on my needs, and an attitude of enthusiasm and cooperation. Ajackus’ diverse set of skills and processes complements all development needs. They also understand everything the client has discussed with them about communication styles.”
    – Greg Lind, CEO, Buildly Inc.

    Check out more reviews from our partners.

    Great Place to Work

    Ajackus city meetup


    2021 was super awesome for us as we received a Great Place to Work certification. Both our partners and teammates value our culture and people-first policies.

    We believe our people make us a great place to work. They are the ones who work smart, collaborate in remote ways, and add real meaning to our values.

    Here is what our people have to say about our Great Place to Work certification.

    “Ajackus has provided many benefits in professional growth as we are provided with many skill development training opportunities, which include Cambly, Learn Villa, etc. Ajackus provides online course benefits (Udemy), which greatly impact professional growth. Ajackus is GPTW as it has flexible timing, no higher management approval needed for leaves, works from anywhere (remote working), chooses your own optional holidays, and uses Agile methodology.”
    – Roshni Pashte, QA Engineer

    “The company ensures I get all that is needed to do my daily duties and upskill myself. It provides an environment where I feel my ideas and opinions are valued and can access upper management whenever I need to reach them. Ajackus, delivering on the promises they make, is what I highly value. I am given access to learning libraries and the opportunity to upskill myself in a safe environment where I don’t feel any bias, awkwardness, or judgment when voicing my opinions and ideas.”
    – Anjan Jagirdar, Senior Software Developer

    Ajackus Earns Recognition from The Manifest


    Many leading companies, enterprises, and organizations persist in developing and utilizing emerging technologies to elevate their processes, services, and products to new heights.

    Ajackus has carved a niche by providing innovative technologies that elevate processes and services for major companies.

    Today, we’re thrilled to share that The Manifest, a renowned business review platform, has recognized Ajackus as one of the most-reviewed software companies. This acknowledgment solidifies Ajackus’s position as a tech industry leader, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

    As we continue to push boundaries, you can trust us to remain at the forefront of technology and business, offering cutting-edge solutions that propel your success.

    Check out Ajackus on DesignRush.

    Work Options at Ajackus

    Working at Ajackus is more than a job—it’s an opportunity to redefine how, where, and when you work. We follow a remote-first approach, recognizing the growing appeal of flexible work structures.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t get an option.

    • Hybrid Work Option: Choose where you work—the comfort of home or the dynamic office space.
    • Home Office Support: Need help setting up your home office? We’ve got your back. Your productivity sanctuary is just a setup away.
    • Flexible Working Hours: Clock in 8 hours, but how do you spread them across your day? Totally your call. We’re all about fitting work seamlessly into your life.

    Benefits: Allowances, PF, Insurance, Entertainment Pack!

    Step into a workplace that fosters professional growth and prioritizes your well-being.

    • Monthly Allowances: We’ve got your back with some cool perks! Stay connected and keep fit with our monthly allowances – they cover your internet expenses and give you access to gym or health classes.
    • Secure Your Future: Worried about tomorrow? No need! We’re all about your financial peace of mind. We contribute to your Provident Fund (PF), setting you up for a stable and secure future.
    • Overall Well-Being: Health comes first, right? Our health insurance plan isn’t just about you – it’s for your loved ones too. We’ve got your overall well-being covered.
    • Entertainment for Everyone: Weekends are meant for chilling, and we have the entertainment to match. Enjoy a variety pack with Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, Sonyliv, and more. Kick back and relax – you’ve earned it!

    At Ajackus, it’s all about your future, health, and weekends- all taken care of. We look forward to welcoming you to a workplace that prioritizes you.

    City Meetups: Building Bonds Beyond Virtual Meetings

    City Meetups Ajackus

    At Ajackus, our work culture thrives on connection and camaraderie. Despite being a remote-first company, we’ve crafted a unique way to bridge the distance. Enter our City Meetups and Annual City Hub – two initiatives that bring our teams from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune together, fostering collaboration and creating unforgettable memories.

    City Meetups

    Every month, our remote team meets up at a cool coworking space for some face-to-face fun. Imagine Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune teams turning their workspace into a mix of serious work and friendly chit-chat. While we’re busy with daily tasks, there’s a buzz of office gossips, making our monthly meetup a blend of getting things done and sharing stories.

    Look around, and you’ll see the marketing team cooking up creative stuff, turning our workspace into a mini movie set. Our HRs add a touch of in-person flair by asking for expense reports in person – no more emails. And you’ll see the colleague scoring deals during our Black Friday Sales.

    But wait, at Ajackus, it’s not just monthly work + fun meetups. Once a year, it’s just fun – no work!

    Annual City Hub

    And here comes the grand affair – our Annual City Hub. This is when our Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune teams come together for an evening of celebration. It’s not your average party; it’s a mix of celebrating hard work, wins, and milestones we’ve made all year. Think of it as the ultimate shindig where success and laughter go hand in hand!

    Workcation: Work Hard, Play Hard

    Every year, our teams earn a well-deserved break with our workcation reward. It’s a reward for doing great at work and joining our fun activities (because fun isn’t just for the top performers!). It’s our way of saying thank you for your hard work and dedication.

    From team-building to beachside brainstorming, our workcation is the ultimate fusion of productivity and play, ensuring that team members return recharged and energized.

    No Approval Needed Leave Policy

    In contrast to conventional workplaces where securing leave involves navigating a complex web of formalities and seeking managerial approval, Ajackus has redefined the process. Our leave policy empowers you by removing the hurdles. No more stress or guilt; just the freedom to take the time you need.

    Acknowledging that everyone deserves time to relax and recharge regardless of their dedication, our ‘No Approval Needed’ Leave Policy is a game-changer. It caters to employees who might feel uneasy requesting paid leave by allowing them to enjoy time off without the hassle of approval processes. Because sometimes, a break is necessary without questions or complications.

    How It Works

    Imagine a scenario where your paid time off is automatically sanctioned, requiring no managerial intervention. That’s precisely what our “No Approval Needed” Leave Policy offers. If you have sufficient leave balance, submit your request, and presto – your leaves are approved. It’s a straightforward and efficient process designed to eliminate unnecessary obstacles and ensure that your break truly belongs to you.

    The Ajackus Difference

    At the heart of our ‘No Approval Needed’ Leave Policy lies a profound belief in freedom and trust. We have confidence in our team’s ability to manage their time responsibly. This policy exemplifies our commitment to fostering an environment where individuals can prioritize their well-being without fear of judgment or hindrances.

    Whether it’s a rejuvenating vacation, a personal day to navigate life’s challenges, or attending to family matters, we encourage you to fully embrace your time off. The ‘No Approval Needed’ Leave Policy at Ajackus goes beyond being a mere perk; it’s a testament that your time holds significance, and we trust you to make the most of it wisely.

    Virtual Fun Activities at Ajackus

    Working at Ajackus isn’t just about the grind – we spice it up with fun activities. Fun activities serve a dual purpose: combating burnout and fostering bonds through team building. Whether it’s team-building escapades, creative challenges, or friendly competitions, our team is all about striking the perfect balance between productivity and enjoyment.

    Join Ajackus

    Ajackus stands out as a supporter of a fresh approach to work. We’re not merely presenting a job but offering a transformative career experience. At Ajackus, we’re challenging the conventional norms and placing you at the core of your professional journey.

    We’re a world-class remote technology team that can help you grow exponentially. Send us a message today, and let’s change the world together!

    Want to join us and boost your career growth? Get in touch with us.

    Start a Project with Ajackus

    Start a Project with Ajackus

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