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Ajackus – The Year of 2021 in reviews

Year 2021 was special for us as it added momentum to our growth journey. Here is what 2021 looked like for Ajackus in the reviews!

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Helping businesses scale through harnessing the power of technology and building holistic career opportunities is what we strive for. The year 2021 was special for us as it added momentum to our journey to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy technological solutions providers. Since our inception, our goal has remained the same: to be the best partner for our clients. It’s because of their support and success that we thrive as full-fledged technology service providers. Here is what 2021 looked like for Ajackus in the reviews!

Clutch Review Rating

Clutch is a B2B review and rating platform that encompasses the IT, development, creative, marketing, and business services spaces. Last year, our team earned 5-star reviews that highlight our vast range of services.
We are thankful to our partners who put beautiful words for us on the platform.

Here is what they wrote about us on Clutch:

Their proactiveness stands out to me. If they see a problem, they always try to solve it rather than wait for us to discover it. Likewise, their communication is impressive; they take it quite seriously, which is good for us because we learn from them. — Bhavya Shriti, Founder, Smeltt

Ajackus has a diverse team, skills that stretch based on my needs, and an attitude of enthusiasm and cooperation. Ajackus’ diverse set of skills and processes complements all development needs. They also understand everything the client has discussed with them about the styles of communication. – Greg Lind, CEO, Buildly Inc.

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Because of our partner’s stellar feedback, Clutch officially recognized us as one of India’s leading technology services providers!

Great Place to Work

2021 was super awesome for us as we received a Great Place to Work certification last November. Both our partners and teammates value our culture and people-first policies.
We believe, our people make us a great place to work. They are the ones who work smart, collaborate with each other in remote ways, and add real meaning to our values.

Here is what our people have to say about our Great Place to Work certification.

Ajackus has provided many benefits in professional growth as we are provided with many skill development training opportunities, which include Cambly, Learn Villa, etc. Ajackus provides online course benefits (Udemy), which have a great impact on professional growth. According to me, Ajackus is GPTW as it has flexible timing, no higher management approval needed for leaves, work from anywhere (remote working), choose your own optional holidays, and use of Agile methodology.

Roshni Pashte, QA Engineer

The company makes sure I get all that is needed for me to do my daily duties and also upskill myself. It provides me with an environment where I feel my ideas, opinions are valued and I feel like I have access to upper management whenever I need to reach them. Ajackus, delivering on the promises they make is what I highly value. I am given access to learning libraries and the opportunity to upskill myself in a safe environment where I don’t feel any bias, or feel awkward or judged when voicing my opinions and ideas.
– Anjan Jagirdar, Senior Software Developer

Thank you so much to all our partners and team members who spared time out of their busy days to leave us their honest reviews. Hearing our partners and team members say that they’re willing to recommend us not only proves our quality but also empowers us. We hope to take on 2022 and the future with you by our side. Cheers to brighter horizons ahead!

At Ajackus, we’re a world-class remote technology team that can help you achieve exponential growth. Send us a message today and let’s change the world together!

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