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Remote Technology Team Building in 3 Steps

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May 25, 2021·4 mins read

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    ‘We are on a journey of transformation, and if we persevere, it will probably never end.’

    This is what our Founder & CTO, Maulik Bengali said when an old client asked ‘What new is Ajackus trying to bring to our table?’.

    With this question, the client unintentionally moved the conversation in our desired direction. At that moment, we have been preparing for an answer. So far Ajackus was serving clients with technological expertise by providing individual software solutions. But doing that alone was never our goal. A hint was always around the corner pointing towards what we were aiming to do in the future – Build Remote Technology Teams.

    What Made Us Want To Build Remote Technology Teams For You?

    As the saying goes, alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. That precisely is the power of having the right team members in your organization. Break-even can turn into huge revenue. This is possible if each department of your organization has domain experts. These should be determined to serve the vision and values of the company.

    We realize that finding the right set of experts in departments like IT is not an easy job for either our clients or any other business. It also isn’t cost-effective for most start-ups and small businesses to take on this task when the primary goal is not operations but innovation.

    That’s where our transformation empowers you as we build technology teams for you from scratch and operate them until the very end to make technology as easy as a cakewalk.

    What Do We Really Do To Build Remote Technology Teams?

    When it comes to your IT department, we cater to the needs of your organization. We also manifest teams of individuals that don’t just match the skill set you need. But we also have an overlap with your value systems that you should not compromise at any stage.

    We spring up engineers from the uber resourceful talent pool of India. Along with this, we deliver complete IT solutions to every comer of the world.

    To also make your technology teams all rounded and instill the value you need them to add to your organization, we train them to be thoroughly equipped with advanced technical skills & soft skills as well as remote working prowess making them aligned with the direction you aim to march forward, even as they work from a distance.

    We build technology teams for you, by following a 3 step process of  Hiring, Training & Aligning. Let us explain how we are doing it to build you the most rewarding technology teams based on your needs.

    Fast Hiring

    With real-time dashboards, we are doing data-driven hiring of engineers across the dextrous talent pool in India. This gives us the hiring pulse. HR Tech is incorporated deeply within our system to enable perfect hiring across a huge candidate pipeline.

    We receive 2000+ applications every month and have created 30+ scenario automation so far for operational efficiency. Our hiring team includes one person to handle these applications with ease and route them the right way. We also have breakdowns on each position at every stage and complete visibility into how quickly requirements can be filled.

    One of the latest additions to our hiring system has been candidate profiles. It will give you a sneak peek into the candidate selection process and complete transparency with profiles helping you access and analyze your future technology teams.


    Engineer profiles ajackus remote technology team builder
    Engineer Profile


    Stages of hiring ajackus remote technology team builder process
    Applicants by stages of hiring


    Integrated Training

    Hiring is just the beginning of the process that we have adopted to provide the best of technology teams available in India to any global organization. Training is our second step. From Udemy courses & Pluralsight subscriptions to sponsored certifications on various clouds, we invest heavily in training talent. We have also partnered with local influencers who help technology teams develop personality and soft skills. In addition to that, we have developed an elaborate custom course on how a team member can become a successful Remote Working Engineer.

    The above, combined with Cross-Cultural Training, prepares the teams to seamlessly work with any organization, anywhere in the world. Secure access to the right infrastructure and training on future relevant tools are some necessary ingredients we have added to our training system continuously expanding across India.

    Close-ended vs Open-ended questions Ajackus Integrated training Learn Villa
    Close-ended vs Open-ended questions from Ajackus training modules


    Online Meeting Etiquettes Ajackus Integrated training Learn Villa
    Online Meeting Etiquettes from Ajackus training module


    Continuous Aligning

    To customize the process as per the organizations that we serve, we have come up with a dedicated aligning system that focuses solely on bringing an organization and its remote technology team on the same page of progress. We have defined processes that enable streamlined onboarding, knowledge management, and offboarding. Further, country-specific cultural training and building inclusive culture with client teams is the main objective of our aligning system. It helps us in being proactive than reactive in people management and increases the retention rate.

    Our attrition is significantly lower at 7% than the 12-15% average of the industry. Overall, well-defined and frequent feedback loops coupled with quarterly performance rewards keep teams engaged, motivated & aligned to the product as well as business goals. 

    continuous aligning ajackus remote technology team builder process
    Release Cycle (Sample)


    Other than these 3 major upgrades we have put in place to build remote technology teams, we also want to continue to build a company culture at Ajackus where team members are excited about working with people worldwide and understand what a valuable experience it is to truly synergize and collaborate.

    This, can be said, is the Future Of Working With Ajackus, where your remote technology teams enjoy cultural differences and leverage time zone disparity to grow and become the best version of themselves rather than what the industry expects them to be.

    We aspire to build your teams in a way that makes a difference to your organization whether it’s from a corner of their own home or any corner they want to call home.

    To know what is best for your software development needs, click here. Learn more about our core services here. Measure the success of outsourcing technology teams with these tips.

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