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5 Ways To Cope With Remote Work Issues For Mental Health

Sometimes the working capacity of the brain gets badly affected and people have to face some kind of mental illness. These 5 ways will help you cope better with mental health issues and boost productivity while working remotely.

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by Ajackus Team

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Having mental health issue can be overwhelming, especially when one is working remotely. There are many reasons why this may happen such as isolation and lack of social contact or even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from overuse of laptop in one sitting position.

For some professions and designations, the flexibility to be anywhere might not exist even during remote work. It can mean dedicating themselves solely to their profession, and not getting those essential breaks they would otherwise get in an office like listening to music while commuting or getting coffee from the coffee shop across the street. This can lead many professionals into an emotional downward spiral and it is not unusual for them to start feeling depressed or anxious.

The easy way to help your employees get rid of remote work blues is by simply pressing that pause button and contemplating on the 5 points below:

Providing flexible timings

While working remotely, one thing you can do for your employees’ convenience is to provide them with a flexible work schedule. This can help them cope better with mental health issues if any and also let them be productive in their own time.

Promoting work-life balance for better mental health

While working remotely, managers have the potential to over-burden employees with work that they’d otherwise leave for the next day. This enlarged expectation can jeopardize the mental well-being of an employee already caged within the constraints of a pandemic. It is important that managers ensure work-life balance within their teams. This doesn’t mean you are compromising on work quality and productivity, in fact exactly the opposite.

Organizing Work-Along sessions

Working together is an aspect one often misses while working remotely. Thanks to technology, one doesn’t need to feel isolated while working from home. Scheduled work-along calls on GMeet or Zoom where employees work together can instantly make an effective change in the team’s well-being.

Organizing mental wellness workshops

In the current climate, it is crucial for corporates to organize mental wellness workshops once in a while. This doesn’t just ensure employee wellbeing but also improves trust and relationships between management and the workforce.

Planning weekly virtual get-togethers

It is important to unwind once a week and it is even better if you make that happen for your employees at the workplace. At Ajackus, we make sure that team members get at least 1 gaming session every Friday. Through such initiatives, you can make weekends more fun and the workspace a more healthy environment for every employee.

Even if making these efforts doesn’t shed away that doomed feeling for an employee, encourage them to seek professional help. If you are in India, you can reach out to Vandrevala Foundation or connect to this Government Of India counselling list. For other countries, please refer to this list here.


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