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5 learning strategies to engage the remote teams

A thriving remote team is what an organization needs. With continuous learning strategies in place, success is within our grasp. Read more to find out how to engage your remote teams.

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Evidently, the recent pandemic has forced many companies to change the way they operate. However, training and learning of existing as well as new hires cannot come to stop altogether. The challenge remains in providing a channel for learning when the majority of employees are working remotely.

Utilizing digital learning strategies can help companies to provide their employees with opportunities to grow and develop their skills. This will expand the canvas of their professional growth. Incessant learning will prepare everyone for the long-term growth of the company. With this thought, companies have switched to various strategies to keep their employees engaged with new technologies and processes, even while working remotely.

Here are 5 learning strategies that we suggest at Ajackus.

Effective learning platforms:

The companies can form an effective Learning Management System wherein the employees can get a platform to go over various pieces of training. With the application LearnVilla, Ajackus has created a special platform in order to imbibe a strong focus on learning. However, companies can choose the right channel instead of creating one.  

This can customize the learning experience while giving access to real-time learning assets. A learning system can help to identify gaps and individual insights to determine employee learning paths. This may include the utilization of mixed methods such as video learning or online classes and live interactive sessions.


In this learning strategy, companies can provide personal guidance. Even a short half-hour webinar can help in self-improvement. It gives direction to ideas toward effective execution. With monthly webinars on various technical as well as non-technical topics, Ajackus empowers people both on a professional and personal level. 

Webinars assist companies to transform their employees from passive audiences to active listeners. They are a form of virtual training, wherein the speaker can conduct in various ways such as interactive whiteboards and live screen-sharing.


Micro-learning is a term dealing with a form of e-learning, where short-term learning activities are conducted. Since we at Ajackus believe in consistent learning, micro-learning has become a part of our day-to-day work environment. It provides actionable information referring to fundamental data that people need to access immediately. This is in order to manage any challenges that may arise.

As we see a rise in remote working, companies should empower their teams with actionable learning. With this, people are enabled to make fast decisions in order to improve businesses as well as themselves.

Regular virtual meet-ups:

Remote teams should meet consistently for the sake of online learning sessions on interesting topics. With regular virtual group discussions and debates, these sessions could be made more interesting and could be held once each month to once every two weeks. These video conferences can let employees participate actively, enhancing their overall development.

Apart from learning, this could also create a positive work environment giving an opportunity for remote teams to bond. Along with this, they can also express their thoughts and opinions which might prove motivational for others. This is a part of soft learning.

Team presentations:

Giving presentations is a fantastic way to showcase the learning experience so far. A simple 15-minute presentation can also do wonders for people. They enable to increase of soft skills such as language skills and presenting skills. Moreover, it boosts the confidence of the presenter.

In short:

Employee development is a consistent process. A company needs to invest in proper tools and strategies to make sure virtual learning is easier for remote teams.

Do you know how to manage your remote teams? Click here to know more. 


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