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Different ways to manage HR in remote working culture

The remote working culture is still making headlines, but with a good reason. With such huge development, Human Resource Departments are constantly tested to deal with a spread-out workforce of distant workers, some of whom might be across the country.

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A recent study depicts that there has been an increase of 44% in remote working in the last five years. Expanding patterns in remote working has completely changed the game for Human Resource Departments across the globe. In spite of the various barriers, organizations should provide their staff with similar assets, whether working in-office or at home.

Regardless of the location, HR supports their staff so they feel more included and motivated, and thus, become more productive. Along with this, HR offers managers specific direction on how to ensure that the staff gets the required help to deal with various crises. This guidance has not changed in spite of everything. As a matter of fact, it has become considerably more essential since the changing culture has persevered for such a long time.

Here are 7 ways in which you can manage the HR department in remote working.

Emphasis on over-communication:

At Ajackus, we welcome over-communication. In the light of the fact that it keeps a mark of deadlines, accessible assets, work-related difficulties, and challenges along with management’s expectations and work schedules. While it is important that you track metrics that make a difference, it is equally crucial to keep in check any signs of distress or mistrust among managers and the staff.

Implement communication tools:

Whether you work in-house or remotely, communication is of utmost importance. It becomes more challenging in the case of remote working. But with the help of communication tools such as Slack or Google Hangouts and Meets, we encouraged real-time conversation among the team members. These help associates to participate virtually in-company training, activities, and updates.

An inclusive culture:

We represent inclusive culture. Working remotely can often lead to a feeling of isolation among the staff due to a lack of in-person connections. A way out of this is to allocate a small company’s spending portion on remote employees who wish to visit the office periodically, especially for important meetings. Another way that we implement is to organize team activities such as Group Discussions, Citywide meetups, Physical meetups for townhalls, etc. making sure that everyone is included here.

Listen and react:

Remember that successful managers are often great listeners. Acknowledging this fact, HRs need to affectionately listen to teams’  woes and achievements, take a deep dive into their sentiments, asking about their responsibilities. You may take this in form of feedback but make sure you act on bringing about the necessary changes.

Maintain time schedules:

Virtual meetings and conferences often are easy to be missed especially with a heavy workload and immediate deadlines. Keeping everything in mind and respecting your staff’s time, make sure the activities are carried out within a decided frame of time.

Avoid micro-management:

Resist the need for micro-management. You should not be investigating your staff’s work but empowering them with trust and faith. We, at Ajackus, believe that our staff is conveying clearly and complying with objectives and deadlines. This increases productivity and efficiency.

Celebrate people:

Whether it’s the completion of a huge priority project or a personal accomplishment, we make sure our staff is appreciated and celebrated for their achievements. Recognition plays a vital part in work satisfaction along with improving morale and strengthening teamwork.

To sum up:

Make your work a happier place with the help of these. In addition to this, there are also some async methods to collaborate. At Ajackus we follow these and many more to stay connected while working remotely. To know how to connect async in a better way, click here.


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