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Your Productivity Rate Today

Productivity becomes much easier to achieve when the right tools are at your disposal. Here are the online tools we use at Ajackus to refine and boost our work lives.

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by Ajackus Team

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With speed being the most crucial characteristic in today’s generation, the employees must use tools and techniques that make them productive and efficient at the workplace. 

Organizations need to provide their teams with tools to improve their productivity and efficiency. Moreover, employees need to invent ideas, strategies, and plans, in order to progress and enhance the business.

At Ajackus, this is how we tackled the lockdown and used the following tools to make the teams’ lives easier

Google Meet for Productive Meetings

We value the time and effort put in by our team. Trust in each other and being adaptable to the crisis, respecting our core company values, is what kept us going. We encouraged everyone to choose a time for the meetings, and we used Google Meet to discuss, present, correct, and execute important ideas.


“pss-tak-dak,” that sounds when someone Slacks you! Yes, significant debates have happened on Slack this lockdown at Ajackus. People’s ideas have constructively been channelized through Slack. New team members joining us on Slack. With our new joiners’ felicitation and slacking people left, right, and center, Ajackus survived the lockdown like a pro!

Desktime to track productive hours

We get to know about the individual preferences of people through Desktime. By tracking the productivity bar, we were able to gain a better understanding of our team and the hours during which they can be productive. We know the standard hours when productivity is peaked and certain hours when everyone takes it easy. This data was crucial to keep the team motivated and aspirational.


A platform where each one can access their work, write points, and think about improving their performance. With multiple projects on the pipeline, Ajackus is constantly churning ideas, contributions, and results from the employees; Airtable stands as a true testament to this, with its data and project management capabilities.

This is not an exhaustive list of various tools that we use at the company, but for anyone who is facing a problem in streamlining things, these tools will surely make your life easier (we say it through experience). 


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