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HR Tech Industry Stats

HR Tech is now a $148 billion market of HR cloud solutions to address the needs for the future of work. In 2020, new investments are expected in talent acquisition by 49%, improved user experience for employees by 48%, and skills mapping/career path tools by 46%

36% of HR professionals blame insufficient technology for their inability to automate and better organize onboarding programs. 86% of active candidates use their smartphones to begin a job search. The market for talent management tools is forecasted to grow at a rate of 13%. As it relates to employee engagement, 80% of HR professionals believe that incorporating HR technologies into their processes improved employee attitude toward the company.


A Note To The HR Tech Industry

Human resource management is as much an art as an operational science because it involves emotional intelligence. But putting efforts into this particular aspect gets hard when the monotonous tasks are in the way constantly pulling HR executives away from ideas and innovation. This is exactly the reason why HR tech is even more important for the recruitment industry.

At Ajackus, Hiring is one of the three value propositions we offer. Thus, we are constantly innovating with technology in recruitment. We have created agile and effortless interview, screening, and analytics processes that keep us ahead in the game. We have also worked with IIT jobs in creating a semantic search engine helping people find jobs online.

To know more about what we have done to integrate our recruitment process, click here. To give us a chance at implementing the same for you, reach out to us ASAP.

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Go to Ajackus with an idea of what you want and they will break it down to tell you what’s achievable within a specific time frame and at what cost. Ajackus communicated clearly in a non-technical manner regularly through email and phone calls to give us updates on the progress of the project which was very helpful. They always made sure we were all aligned in the right time zone since they’re in India, and we in Singapore, which is very considerate of them. The app has garnered positive feedback from clients, who find it particularly convenient to access COVID-19 test records for travel purposes. I’ve already introduced Ajackus to another medical company, so I know exactly what to recommend.

Mobile App Development for Healthcare Provider, Singapore

Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare Provider

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