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Education Industry Stats

In 2016, the self-paced e-learning industry made up $46.67 billion of the global market share and, by 2022, that number is projected to exceed $243 billion. 65% of faculty support the use of open educational resources in teaching.

Challenge-based gamification in e-learning can improve educational outcomes by as much as 89.45%. EdTech is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.1% year-over-year through 2027


A Note To The Education Industry

Education can be considered as a noble industry for it manifests learned young minds. At Ajackus we respect and value that and thus, serving this industry well is one of the things we aspire.

The education industry has worked well so far the traditional way but now is the time when it adopts the power of technology and makes education more accessible and interactive. It is not just video conferencing tools that can benefit the industry by reaching students in the remote corner of the world, but also technologies like AI automation, student support systems, AR/VR learning, and more that can completely change the manifesto and make learning as dear as a hobby for students.

Let us help you take the infinite world of knowledge online with the best of technologies available.

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Go to Ajackus with an idea of what you want and they will break it down to tell you what’s achievable within a specific time frame and at what cost. Ajackus communicated clearly in a non-technical manner regularly through email and phone calls to give us updates on the progress of the project which was very helpful. They always made sure we were all aligned in the right time zone since they’re in India, and we in Singapore, which is very considerate of them. The app has garnered positive feedback from clients, who find it particularly convenient to access COVID-19 test records for travel purposes. I’ve already introduced Ajackus to another medical company, so I know exactly what to recommend.

Mobile App Development for Healthcare Provider, Singapore

Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare Provider

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