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WAI(Who am I)

Image processing and automated data analysis platform for WAI



WAI is an advanced self-assessment solution that provides automated white labeled reports for understanding the personality strengths, and weaknesses of an individual using Dermatoglyphics.

Dermatoglyphics is a method to decode the brain’s potential and talent through the physical formation of fingerprints, which has linkage to brain development. As per WAI, it has been proven that fingerprints reveal the personality and behavior of an individual. By careful analysis of the unique patterns of fingerprints, we can classify human personalities into four categories:

  • Dominant
  • Influential
  • Steady
  • Compliant

The developed system at Ajackus captures human fingerprints using an external fingerprint scanner with ease, and after a careful analysis of the complex print patterns, a PDF report is generated.

The team at WAI has received a Presidential Award for Excellence in India in 2017 and continues to serve its users with dynamic solutions.

Project Name

WAI (Who Am I)





WAI wanted to have a secure online platform that has the accessibility to capture the fingerprints of their customers anywhere. In their previous process:

  • WAI executives had to travel to collect fingerprints.
  • Manually analyze patterns.
  • Create reports which used to take a stretch of days.

With the development of an automated system, WAI wanted its executives to focus on counselling and customer service while technology is used to take care of the rest.

As the pandemic had disrupted the business operations and it was not possible to collect fingerprints through physical means, the challenge was not just about going digital but also to roll out the system in the shortest possible time.



The development process of a suitable automated system for the needs of WAI required us to divide the tasks into clearly defined goals.

  • To create a workflow for the users to capture their fingerprints.
  • To generate and analyze personality trait reports in the user profile.
  • To store data on the cloud.
  • To integrate the system for making payments.
  • To create a high end-user experience without errors.

To achieve these objectives, the backend of the project was developed using a micro-framework. The system was developed with all the relevant features like user management, subscription plan, and payment gateway integration, automated report generation to identify fingerprint patterns, automated email notification, fingerprints capturing through image processing unit, and many more.


Key Functionalities

The key function of this project was the integration of a Fingerprint Analysis System. From capturing to analyzing the print patterns of each user and developing a thorough report based on the science of Dermatoglyphics, everything was automated by Ajackus, leading to a profuse user as well as backend experience. The scope of error was also eliminated by repeated testing and planned deployments.

Tools and Technologies

Amazon ES2

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technologies certbot-logo




Visual Studio Code



The developed system built by Ajackus captures human fingerprints using any cell phone’s camera and enhances it via an image processing unit. Through the enhanced print images, the team at WAI can easily analyze patterns and generate PDF reports based on their research.

The creation of a clean UI for a rich user experience on both desktop & mobile was achieved on the front end through a design-dev approach.

The association with WAI showed triumph with direct results in time and effort reduction.

  • The process earlier took 3 to 4 days to reach results
  • After automation, it came down to just 24 hours.

As a significantly diminished amount of effort was needed from the operations team, WAI was able to offer its product at a much lower cost, which helped them acquire a larger customer base.

We were able to deliver what the client desired and the experience was highly satisfactory for both, the development team at Ajackus as well as the WAI team.


Other Applications For Biometric Assessment Systems

Biometric analysis apps and software can be helpful in the following cases:

  • Security systems and profiling requirements
  • Identification of amnesia patients or unknown deceased patients in the healthcare sector and more
  • Voice activation and control in the automotive industry
  • Voice control and information capturing in healthcare, aviation, and other industries

Other Applications For Image Processing Systems

  • Computer vision in security, retail, and other domains
  • Biomedical Image enhancement and analysis in healthcare
  • Signature and handwriting recognition
  • Underwater image restoration and enhancement

Other Applications For IT Automations

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Customer support
  • Scheduled tasks and communication
  • Repetitive tasks

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