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Transparent Path

We implemented a transparent path via logistical and real-time tracking platforms.


A partnership rooted in shared passion breeds success, as evident in the collaboration between Buildly and Ajackus. Among our collaborative projects, Transparent Path emerges as a purpose-driven initiative, opening novel opportunities and fortifying the logistics industry. With features like heightened visibility, real-time tracing, and improved operational efficiencies, Transparent Path caters to producers, processors, logistic companies, distributors, retailers, and consumers across various industries.

This platform facilitates collaboration among partners, enabling them to collectively mitigate risks by sharing origin, provenance, and environmental data. In cases of minor issues, the current custodian is promptly notified for adjustments, ensuring the preservation of goods. For more severe problems jeopardizing product safety, the entire consortium is alerted, preventing the introduction of subpar products to the market.


  • Perishables Supply Chain

Before partnering with Ajackus, Buildly’s venture, Transparent Path, grappled with critical challenges within the perishables supply chain. This intricate network, involving producers, processors, logistics firms, wholesalers, distribution hubs, and retailers, faced heightened complexity, regulatory demands, data gaps, ecosystem stress, and rising fraud risks amid global population growth and increased goods demand.

  • Manual Struggles in Problem Resolution

Transparent Path, as part of Buildly’s portfolio, confronted the manual challenges of problem resolution, relying on paper-based data and stressful phone calls. This labor-intensive process resulted in substantial time consumption, contributing to significant wastage of goods.

  • Enhanced Logistics Solutions

In recognition of these challenges, Buildly sought efficient solutions for the perishables industry. The collaboration with Ajackus paved the way for the development of Transparent Path—an advanced logistics and real-time tracking platform, equipped with robust report generation capabilities, addressing the industry’s need for efficient and well-managed data.


  • Advancing Logistics with Transparent Path

In response to Buildly’s challenges, Ajackus harnessed the power of IoT in creating Transparent Path—an innovative and problem-solving solution. The fusion of hardware and software technologies resulted in a unique and highly reliable solution.

  • Real-Time Tracking and Report Generation

Within a brief timeframe, we developed a comprehensive solution capable of managing and tracking shipments, generating real-time reports, and efficiently managing consortiums and organizations.

  • Sensor-Based Real-Time Tracking

Recognizing the significance of real-time tracking in perishables supply chains, we integrated sensor platforms like ICLP and Tive. These sensors measure shipment humidity and temperature, providing actionable insights to the current custodian to prevent goods wastage.

  • Customizable Settings for Optimal Logistics

Our solution enables users to set ideal humidity and temperature levels for shipments. In case of deviations, associated individuals receive alerts, simplifying the logistics process.

  • Cloud-Ready and Infrastructure Optimization

Acknowledging the data-intensive nature of IoT solutions, we made Transparent Path cloud-ready using Microservices and Kubernetes. Infrastructure as code using Terraform and Helm facilitates easy environment duplication.

  • Data Pipelining and Real-Time Monitoring

To present technically generated data effectively, we implemented data pipelining using Apache Kafka. Real-time monitoring through Prometheus ensures users receive optimal support whenever required.


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