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Campaign Solutions

We transformed a campaign software by optimizing target precision, delivering unmatched software solutions.


Our client’s Campaign Solutions is a marketing tool – one of the world’s leading financial payments corporations to help banks, especially in the North American region. It helps Banks organize and reach out to their customers in a more personal way through emails. The digital banking tool oversees template delivery, banner placement, and the management of diverse campaign styles.

Even though the Campaign Solutions has been around for 3-4 years, there were clinching issues, like making precise messages and delivering templates. Despite having a solution, challenges arose in the implementation phase, particularly with a singular delivery system, requiring agile development and rigorous security testing.

We stepped in and fixed these issues by improving how messages are sent, making them more personal, analyzing real-time data, and ensuring everything is secure. This made ‘Client X’ ‘Campaign Software’ campaigns more effective and efficient.


  • Imprecise Targeting

Initially, Campaign Solutions’ software struggled with imprecise targeting, grappling with challenges in delivering messages accurately to the intended audience. Over the years, the platform underwent a transition from UI/UX focus, necessitating the development of new attributes and filters, such as region segmentation, to address this issue. Streamlining code complexity became imperative to enhance precision.

  • Lack of Personalized Messaging

The software faced a significant hurdle in delivering personalized messages. The campaign workflow lacked optimization, hindering the platform’s ability to provide tailored and engaging communication. Dynamic features, like on-the-go offer acceptance, were notably absent, impacting the effectiveness of personalized messaging strategies.

  • Limited Real-Time Analytics

The absence of robust real-time analytics capabilities posed a challenge for Campaign Solutions’ campaign software. Acknowledging the need for enhanced data assessment in real-time, the platform underwent an iterative process to overcome limitations and provide a more comprehensive set of analytics features.

  • Concerns About Data Security

During testing, Campaign Solutions’ ‘campaign software’ identified a critical data security loophole, prompting rigorous examinations. The platform faced concerns regarding data security, especially with external link dependencies. Measures were needed to fortify the system and ensure robust protection against potential threats.

  • Filters and Targeted Delivery of Offers

Developing filters and features for targeted delivery of offers presented challenges for the ‘campaign software’. Despite having a solution, implementing these features, particularly with Client X’s singular delivery system, posed difficulties. The phased creation, development, and testing approach aimed to navigate these challenges and refine the ‘campaign software’ to meet the demands of precise targeting and personalized communication.


  • Campaign Design and Strategy

We empowered Campaign Solutions’ campaign software by offering expert guidance, enabling banks to craft impactful and comprehensive campaign strategies. Our support strengthened customer relationships through a well-planned schedule, providing a strategic edge in the competitive landscape.

  • Automated End-User Segmentation and Targeting

Streamlining the ‘campaign software’s’ operations, we automated end-user segmentation and targeting. This reduced the time and resources previously dedicated to extracting cardholder lists and significantly enhanced the efficiency of marketing and communication strategies.

  • Development and Creative Marketing Templates

Through collaborative efforts, we provided valuable insights and guidance to the ‘campaign software’ in developing offers and personalizing creative marketing templates. This partnership facilitated the seamless customization of ready-made content, incorporating chosen colors, card art, offers, and logos for a more personalized touch.

  • Multichannel Delivery to End Users

To broaden the ‘campaign software’ messaging impact, we facilitated multichannel delivery through various mediums, including email, direct mail, and other channels. Our approach ensured a seamless and diversified outreach to end users, maximizing the reach and effectiveness of campaigns.

  • Automated Criteria Eligibility

Focused on enhancing the ‘campaign software’s’ operational efficiency, we automated criteria eligibility processes, streamlining qualification. This resulted in the prompt delivery of eligibility results, whether on the same day or at the end of the offer period. Additionally, we implemented an automatic generation of statement credits for eligible cardholders.

  • Reporting and Analysis of Campaign Performance

We provided Campaign Solutions‘ campaign software with detailed post-campaign results for performance tracking. Our analytical insights were pivotal in enabling ongoing enhancements, refining strategies for continued campaign success, and ensuring a data-driven approach to future endeavors.


Our endeavors yielded positive outcomes across multiple feature releases for the campaign software. The most notable impact, a substantial revenue increase surpassing $2.5M, was observed, fueled by strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

The momentum persisted with our continuous contributions, especially in the Campaign Solutions release. It played a vital role in an outstanding revenue surge surpassing $3M. These efforts solidified the ‘campaign software’s’ enhanced capabilities and financial triumph.

Beyond financial success, the ‘campaign software’ experienced expanded market reach, improved decision-making through data insights, and strengthened brand loyalty. This success further benefited our client, attracting more partners and solidifying their competitive advantage in the banking software for banks.


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