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Ready Surgery

A Surgical Risk Intelligence Platform that makes surgery safer and simpler




Ready Surgery is the Surgical Risk Intelligence Platform that makes Surgery safer and more straightforward. Ajackus partnered with Ready Surgery to enhance their existing Web and iOS applications.


After a major surgery, the reported crude mortality rate is 0.5-5%, and complications after inpatient operations occur in up to 25% of patients. At least half of the cases in which Surgery led to harm are considered preventable. Ready Surgery aims to predict and prevent surgical complications and guide patients through the preparation for and recovery from Surgery.



We built multiple features on the web and iOS app platform for Ready Surgery. The app is used by leading surgeons, surgery coordinators,and anesthesiologists to automate the surgical workflow and avoid complications. The AI-powered recommendation engine augments surgical decision-making. Rather than just adding a Risk Assessment step to your workflow, it adds Risk Intelligence to optimize every step. HIPAA-Compliant

Key Functionalities

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