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Since its establishment in 2017, The Raya Clinic has offered its clients products and services to enable them to live their lives fully well. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they became one of the first and most preferred COVID-19 testing providers in Metro Manila, serving various companies and institutions like Huawei, Hewlett Packard Philippines, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The Raya Clinic has a complete line of cost-effective, reliable, and accurate testing methods for COVID-19.

Raya partnered with Ajackus in May 2021 to build a highly reliable and smooth-working digital platform that simplifies the COVID-19 vaccination process. 


It was a need of an hour to boost the vaccination process across the country to provide utmost protection from the deadly coronavirus. Raya needed a digital solution that can streamline and speed up the vaccination process. 

The existing apps available in the Philippines were complicated and not user-friendly, hence not enough to encourage and invite the general population to register. There was no such online solution present in the market that could cater to all age groups, so we needed to build one from scratch within a very short development period.



Considering the urgency and responsibility of the solution, our passionate team of engineers developed the most user-friendly online solution that can serve all age groups to register themselves for COVID vaccination in less than 3 months. Using this solution/online web application, people can self-register for the COVID vaccination and enter their own important medical history details.

By collecting all the required information from people who have registered for vaccination, Raya staff can verify and take action on the details. Once information is verified, patients can book their convenient timeslots for vaccination. 

This helped to reduce the crowd at the vaccination center and reduce the waiting time. Thus, the vaccination process is simplified.

For Patients

The UI of the web app is very simple and user-friendly. People can register quickly on the application with all the required information. This application includes a dashboard that guides patients through the process and instructs them on what to do next. Once the patient’s medical history is verified by Raya staff, people can select the timeslot and submit it through the option on the dashboard.

For Admin

The web UI is very simple and easy to use. Using the solution, the admin can create the following details:

  • Vaccine
  • Vaccination Location
  • Vaccination Slot

For Staff

It has a similar UI to Admin. The Raya staff can take the below actions.

  • Add/Edit Patient Vaccination Information
  • Add/Edit/Delete vaccinator

Admin Setup

User Application

User Registration

Fill CEIR Form

Fill Medical History

Select Vaccination Slot

Tools and Technologies


technologies django-logo

Django Framework



Amazon EC2

technologies certbot-logo




VS Code

Visual Studio



The online web application built by Ajackus streamlined and boosted the vaccination process. The application was critically acclaimed and well received by the market.

As the solution generates real-time reports, it gets easier for admins to get insights into how the vaccination process is going on. With just a one-click, admins can get the number of patients registered, number of male and female patients, number of patients successfully vaccinated by dose 1 and dose 2, number of fully vaccinated patients, and number of patients medical history verified for doses 1 and 2.

When this case study was being written, the number of patients registered for vaccination was 8040, which definitely has been increased till now.

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