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We streamlined Multiples' shift to Power BI, enhancing reporting efficiency from weeks to minutes.


Multiples, a private equity firm dedicated to assisting high-net-worth individuals and businesses, is known for its expertise in navigating investments in promising startups to optimize returns. Realizing the inefficiencies of their manual processes, they recognized the need to transition to digital operations. However, they faced a challenge in finding the right expertise to execute this transition.

That’s when Team Ajackus entered the picture, offering their specialized skills to streamline operations using Power BI. Here’s how this transformation impacted Multiples.


  • Time-consuming report generation

The reliance on Excel formats for all reports resulted in significant time investments. From creating Excel sheets to consolidating data from various sources and deriving the required output, completing a single report took approximately 2 to 3 weeks. This prolonged duration hampered not only operational efficiency but also delayed decision-making processes.

  • Delayed response to requests

The lack of real-time data availability led to substantial manual intervention in report creation. When a client requests a report, it takes approximately a week for Multiples to fulfill the request. This delay directly impacted their client servicing capabilities and potentially affected business relationships.

  • Heightened risk of human errors

With constant manual intervention and human reviews of reports, there was a high likelihood of human errors creeping into the data analysis process. This posed a significant risk to the accuracy and reliability of the reports generated, potentially impacting investment decisions and financial outcomes for Multiples and their clients.


  • Automation of Report Generation

We transformed Multiples’ reporting process by implementing Power BI, an analytics platform. Instead of manual data consolidation and formatting in Excel, Power BI automated the entire process end-to-end. Now, reports can be generated seamlessly by inputting data into predefined formats, significantly reducing the time and effort required.

  • Customized ETL Implementation

We utilized Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) techniques to tailor the data processing according to Multiples’ specific requirements. By understanding their needs and objectives, we created intermediate formats with appropriate filters to ensure that the data was accurately captured and analyzed.

  • Streamlined Reporting for Multiple Metrics

Our team streamlined Power BI for various types of reports crucial for Multiples’ operations. This included Profit and Loss (PNL) statements, portfolio samples, portfolio summaries, investor performance analyses, and distribution reports. Each report was designed to provide clear insights and facilitate informed decision-making for Multiples and their clients.


Multiples’ transition to Power BI, guided by Ajackus, has helped improve their reporting efficiency. From tedious manual processes taking weeks, we streamlined operations to minutes. Dynamic linking ensures seamless collaboration, eliminating version control hassles.

Right now, our solutions empower Multiples to make timely, informed decisions, bolstering their standing in private equity.


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