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Medicines Patent Pool

We migrated Medicines Patent Pool's reporting system to Power BI, slashing report generation time from weeks to minutes.


Medicines Patent Pool, a World Health Organization (WHO)-funded organization, is dedicated to aiding low-income countries. MPP collaborates with local pharmaceutical companies, pioneering an innovative voluntary licensing and patent pooling strategy. This approach ensures the swift development of life-saving medicines, guaranteeing rapid access to effective treatments for people in low and middle-income countries.

Recognizing manual inefficiencies, they sought digital transition but lacked expertise. Team Ajackus stepped in and streamlined operations through Power BI. Here’s how we helped:


  • Data Fragmentation

Managing insights from sales, sales filing analysis, and country filing analysis across three distinct stages (product filing, product development timeline, and sales filing) posed a challenge due to data fragmentation. Each stage required distinct data sets and analysis, leading to difficulty in consolidating insights efficiently.

  • Manual Data Handling

Medicines Patent Pool relied on Excel spreadsheets to extract insights from their data portal. However, this manual process was time-consuming and prone to errors, hindering the organization’s ability to access timely and accurate information for decision-making.

  • Complex Data Structures

The 11 stages involved in the product development timeline required meticulous tracking and management of data. Managing this complex data structure through Excel proved challenging and lacked the flexibility needed to adapt to evolving project requirements.

  • Limited Data Accessibility

Excel-based analysis restricted data accessibility and collaboration, as it lacked real-time updates and interactive features. This limited MPP’s ability to quickly respond to changing market dynamics and make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

  • Inefficient Reporting

Generating insights from Excel-based data required manual effort and often led to delays in reporting. This inefficiency hindered MPP’s ability to promptly analyze trends, identify opportunities, and address their operations and market landscape challenges.


  • Centralized Dashboard Development

Collaborating closely with Medicines Patent Pool, Ajackus spearheaded the development of a centralized dashboard using Power BI. Our team meticulously integrated insights from sales, sales filing analysis, and country filing analysis into a unified view. This dashboard provided MPP with a comprehensive overview of key metrics across all three stages, empowering streamlined analysis and decision-making.

  • Automated Data Retrieval Implementation

We played a pivotal role in automating data retrieval for MPP through Power BI integration. We seamlessly connected MPP’s data portal with Power BI, eliminating the need for manual extraction using Excel. This automation, meticulously implemented by our team, significantly reduced processing time, enabling MPP to access real-time insights promptly and efficiently.

  • Custom Reporting Solutions

With our expertise in data visualization and reporting, we designed custom reports within Power BI, tailoring them to MPP’s specific needs. This enabled them to track product development progress through the 11 stages, visualize sales data by country, and analyze filing trends with interactive and visually appealing reports.

  • Enhanced Data Accessibility

We ensured enhanced data accessibility and collaboration for MPP by leveraging Power BI’s cloud-based platform. Our implementation provided real-time updates and interactive features, allowing team members to access the dashboard from anywhere. This facilitated seamless collaboration and informed decision-making across the organization, empowering MPP to leverage data insights effectively.

  • Efficiency Improvement

We replaced manual Excel-based processes with Power BI automation, our streamlined workflow reduced processing time significantly. This efficiency improvement enabled MPP to generate insights faster and respond promptly to market dynamics and regulatory requirements, ultimately driving better outcomes for the organization.


The implementation of Power BI automation by Ajackus has yielded transformative results for MPP. Previously, MPP would spend months gathering insights on their sales data, relying on manual Excel formulas. However, with our solution in place, MPP no longer needs to dedicate time to creating Excel reports. Instead, they simply access the Power BI data portal and dashboard to instantly retrieve the insights they need, simply by hitting the refresh button.


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