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Buildly stands for “Build Quickly!” The platform is tailored to meet present and future requirements, emphasizing containerized solutions in the open-source domain. With collaborations spanning diverse verticals, Buildly delivers high-quality open-source products, challenging proprietary systems.

The Buildly Foundry, a collection of open-source tools, marketplace services, and process frameworks, aids startups and enterprise teams in launching, developing, migrating, and maintaining applications in cloud-native architectures. Ajackus and Buildly’s initial collaboration on the MediaMash project showcased the development of a conferencing and live-streaming platform. A fully operational MediaMash platform was built in just 5.5 months, accommodating 100 guests per event and supporting various operating systems and browsers. The success of MediaMash led to a subsequent collaboration with VinoShares, underscoring Ajackus’ capability to provide reliable and seamless solutions.


  • Adapting to Remote Operations in a Pandemic Era

As the world grappled with the COVID-19 outbreak, 34% of businesses turned to the internet and social media for remote operations. However, the lack of a suitable virtual gathering platform became evident, prompting Buildly’s collaboration with MediaMash.

  • Containerized Solutions for Digital Conferencing

Buildly, known for creating containerized solutions, faced the challenge of adapting MediaMash to this framework. Creating a web conferencing and live streaming platform as a containerized cloud app running on an open-source WebRTC server posed significant technical hurdles.

  • Accelerating Global Business Processes

The urgency to build a system swiftly to facilitate global business processes became imperative. Despite the widespread use of video calling software, approximately 78% of corporate companies lacked the capability to host and control major conferences in virtual rooms and live stream them effectively.


  • Seamless Integration for Web Conferencing

Ajackus achieved a groundbreaking integration by marrying Janus, an open-source WebRTC server, with Kubernetes, providing the foundation for a containerized app for web conferencing with live streaming support.

  • Cloud-Ready Solutions with Microservices

Utilizing microservices and Kubernetes, our team crafted cloud-ready and containerized solutions for MediaMash, ensuring scalability and efficiency. The addition of infrastructure as code using Terraform and Helm facilitated easy duplication of various environments.

  • Niche Digital Conferencing Platform

Ajackus developed a specialized digital conferencing platform, empowering hosts to manage online conference halls, control meeting environments, display advertisements, and live-stream events globally. The platform supports diverse data sources, edge devices, smartphones, and accommodates 125 concurrent playback sessions.

  • Scalable Solutions for Buildly’s Diverse Cloud Platforms

Addressing the need for scalability, Ajackus created containerized solutions with a versatile architecture, ensuring easy deployment on multiple cloud platforms like AWS and GCP. This solution, supported by Janus and Kubernetes, pioneered a robust web conferencing experience with integrated live streaming.


Team Ajackus delivered transformative results through pioneering solutions. We integrated Janus and Kubernetes for smooth web conferencing with live streaming. Our cloud-ready solutions for MediaMash are super flexible, and using Terraform and Helm makes copying environments a breeze. We also built a special digital conferencing platform that lets hosts worldwide control online events, show ads, and stream to 125 sessions at once.

In a short period of time, we successfully provided a best-in-class containerized solution for virtual conferencing powered by live streaming. The delivery was critically acclaimed, well received by the market, and resulted in a new collaboration with VinoShares, one more client of Buildly.


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