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Read how we detected potential frauds & malicious transactions using data analytics.


Kroll offers our clients a strategic framework to build, protect, and maximize value. Their expertise spans risk assessment, governance, transactions, and valuation.

They provide expert services and technology-driven advisory across all phases of diligence, forensic investigation, litigation, disputes, and testimony.

Delivering comprehensive end-to-end governance, advisory, and monitorship solutions, they identify, mitigate, and address security, legal, compliance, and regulatory risks.


  • Data Standardization Challenge

Our client encountered significant data acquisition hurdles with a third-party travel partner, primarily stemming from the substantial volume of data. The initial obstacle involved establishing a standardized data format for transmitting information to us, with the data initially provided in a non-uniform Excel sheet.

  • Data Consolidation Complexity

Another notable challenge revolved around the complexities of data consolidation, requiring meticulous organization and integration into a centralized repository.

  • VPN Connection Management Issue

Effectively managing VPN connections presented a persistent difficulty. These connections, crucial for receiving specific data streams, frequently experienced timeouts, necessitating ongoing vigilance and reconnection efforts.


  • Enhancing Data for Improved Analytics:

The process involves evaluating existing data sources and formats to identify inconsistencies, followed by the implementation of data cleansing techniques to standardize and improve data quality. Additionally, data enrichment options are explored to add valuable context to the datasets. To ensure sustained data quality, a data governance strategy is developed.

  • Optimizing Data Consolidation with Power BI:

The team skillfully leveraged Power BI’s robust data integration capabilities in our project to streamline consolidation. This involved the automation of data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes. With a focus on tailored solutions, we created data models that seamlessly simplified the consolidation of diverse data sources.

The efficiency of Power Query played a key role in ensuring smooth data preparation and transformation throughout the project, ultimately enhancing our overall consolidation process.

  • Real-Time Reporting Access via Power BI Portal:

Our team established a dedicated Power BI portal, ensuring clients secure access to real-time reports. Incorporating robust security measures, we implemented authentication and authorization mechanisms for controlled data access. Interactive dashboards empower clients with dynamic data exploration, supported by comprehensive training resources for effective portal navigation.

  • Collaborative Development and Enhancement of Essential Features:

Our team developed sophisticated analytics for the data supplied by our travel partner. This involved creating insightful charts and visualizations for data received through VPN connections. Additionally, we executed strategic database queries to generate comprehensive reports based on the provided data.


In collaboration with Kroll, we achieved exceptional outcomes, breaking booking records and surpassing vehicle capacity, signaling a remarkable surge in demand. Financially, the project outperformed expectations, with revenue exceeding targets, showcasing robust financial performance. Swiftly addressing anomalies ensured seamless financial transactions, including correct refund processes.

Beyond finances, we identified and resolved security concerns, facilitating strategic decision-making by pinpointing loss-making operators and prompting route and schedule reviews for enhanced efficiency. Rigorous quality assurance measures were implemented. While specific results are confidential, our commitment to data security underscores dedication to privacy, ensuring Kroll’s operational transformation and success.


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