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Detection of potential frauds or malicious transactions using Data Analytics.

Kroll offers clients a strategic framework to build, protect, and maximize value, supported by our expertise spanning risk assessment, governance, transactions, and valuation.

They provide expert services and technology-driven advisory across all phases of diligence, forensic investigation, litigation, disputes, and testimony. 

Delivering comprehensive end-to-end governance, advisory, and monitorship solutions, they identify, mitigate, and address security, legal, compliance, and regulatory risks.

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Data Standardization Challenge
Our client was having data acquisition challenges with a third-party travel partner due to the substantial volume of data involved. The initial challenge was about establishing a standardized data format for transmitting the information to us, with the data initially being shared in an Irregular Excel sheet.

Data Consolidation Complexity
Another notable challenge entailed data consolidation, requiring meticulous organization and integration of this data into a centralized repository.

VPN Connection Management Issue
Managing VPN connections also posed a persistent difficulty. VPN connections, vital for receiving specific data streams, experienced frequent timeouts, necessitating ongoing vigilance and reconnection efforts.


Enhancing Data for Improved Analytics:

  • Evaluate existing data sources and formats to identify inconsistencies.
  • Implement data cleansing techniques to standardize and enhance data quality.
  • Explore data enrichment options to add valuable context to the datasets.
  • Develop a data governance strategy to maintain data quality over time.

Optimizing Data Consolidation with Power BI:

  • Leverage Power BI’s data integration capabilities to streamline consolidation.
  • Automate data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes within Power BI.
  • Create customized data models that simplify the consolidation of diverse data sources.
  • Utilize Power Query for efficient data preparation and transformation.

Real-Time Reporting Access via Power BI Portal:

  • Establish a dedicated Power BI portal for clients to access real-time reports.
  • Implement secure authentication and authorization mechanisms for data access.
  • Provide clients with interactive dashboards for dynamic data exploration.
  • Offer training and support resources to help clients navigate the Power BI portal effectively.

Collaborated with Ajackus to develop and enhance these essential features:

  • Developed analytics for the data supplied by our travel partner.
  • Created charts and visualizations for data received through VPN.
  • Executed database queries to generate reports based on the data.

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MySQL Workbench





We achieved results beyond expectations in the following areas:

  • Bookings exceeded vehicle capacity.
  • Surplus estimated revenue.
  • Refund not reflecting in JR but appearing as refund paid status from the refund query.
  • The same OTPs assigned to different phone numbers on the same day.
  • Bookings after the service start-date.
  • Loss-making operators.
  • Same bus running multiple routes on the same day.
  • Test booking cases.
  • Various other results and analytics (not shareable due to data security concerns).

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