Instarem Case Study | Overseas Money Transfer System


Developed a streamlined overseas money transfer system at a low cost and FX rates.


Instarem, recognized for its cost-effective and swift global money transfer services, faced challenges with traditional methods. International transfers through banks were complex, costly, and time-consuming due to excessive paperwork and multiple touchpoints. Seeking simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and speed for end-users, Instarem partnered with Ajackus to develop user-friendly iOS and Android mobile apps.


  • Complex International Transfers

InstaReM faced hurdles with conventional international transfers, navigating through intricate processes and incurring high costs, impacting the user experience.

  • Excessive Paperwork and Touchpoints

The process involved copious paperwork and numerous touchpoints, leading to escalated costs and prolonged end-to-end transfer times for InstaReM.

  • Desire for Simplicity and Efficiency

Seeking improvement, InstaReM aimed to simplify, reduce costs, and expedite end-to-end transfer times, aspiring to make international money transfers simpler, more cost-effective, and quicker for end-users.


  • Inclusive Solution for Diverse Users

The platform caters to consumers, Small and Medium Enterprises, and financial institutions, offering them a low-cost solution for international money transfers and favorable FX rates.

  • Seamless Onboarding Experience

With Ajackus as the technology partner, we designed and implemented a user-friendly onboarding experience for InstaReM, ensuring a seamless sign-up process and easy log-in. Our focus was on enhancing user convenience and accessibility.

  • Global Money Transfers Made Simple

Ajackus worked closely with InstaReM to create a robust mobile app platform, allowing users to send money effortlessly to over 55 countries. Leveraging our technological expertise, we streamlined the international money transfer process, making it simple and accessible.

  • Flexible Payment Options

As part of our collaboration, Ajackus integrated multiple payment modes into the platform, allowing users to choose the most convenient and suitable method for their transactions. This enhancement aimed to empower users with diverse preferences.

  • Real-time Transfer Tracking

We implemented real-time transfer tracking features, enabling users to monitor their transactions on the go. Ajackus focused on enhancing transparency and user control, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy experience for Instarem users throughout the money transfer process.


Ajackus transformed Instarem’s services, making it easier for users to join, send money globally, choose payment methods, and track transfers in real-time. Users now find Instarem more convenient, resulting in more customers, better trust, and a top choice for international money transfers.


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