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A financial data aggregation, visualization, analytics, and reporting platform


Canopy, a Singapore-based fintech, provides account aggregation, portfolio analytics, and client reporting solutions for financial institutions, wealth management professionals, and high-net-worth individuals. Facing a common industry hurdle of limited APIs, Canopy, like many banks, resorted to manual PDF-to-digital entry conversion. Collaborating with Ajackus, we assisted Canopy in enhancing features within the Visualizer application, effectively addressing these challenges.


  • Limited Comprehensive APIs from Banks

Canopy faced a challenge as many banks lacked comprehensive APIs capturing investment activity for external vendors, compelling manual efforts. This limitation hindered the efficiency of wealth managers, trustees, and accountants.

  • Manual Conversion of PDF Statements

Due to the absence of comprehensive APIs, Canopy encountered the need to convert PDF statements into digital entries manually. This ‘brute-force’ approach increased workload and hindered operational efficiency for financial professionals.


  • Enhanced Data Visualization with Amcharts

Ajackus collaborated with Canopy, leveraging Amcharts to elevate data visualization. For a comprehensive understanding, investors can now easily visualize their wealth across asset classes, markets, and currencies.

  • Strategic Management for User Empowerment

Our team introduced Strategy Management, enabling users to manage their strategies actively. This enhancement empowers users with greater control over their investment decisions for a more personalized wealth management experience.

  • Interactive Explainer for Financial Insights

We implemented an Explainer feature, offering insights into the sources of realized and unrealized gains, fund flows, and FX revaluations. This interactive tool provides a clearer understanding of financial data and enhances user decision-making.

  • Intuitive Web Application for Diverse Users

The collaborative efforts resulted in an intuitive and interactive web application. This application, widely adopted by leading banks, high-net-worth individuals, and wealth advisors, allows users to view their consolidated portfolio for informed decision-making effortlessly.


Our solutions elevated Canopy’s platform, streamlining data visualization and empowering users with strategic management tools. This transformation not only enhanced user experience but also attracted high net worth Individuals and wealth advisors, strengthening Canopy’s market presence and fostering business growth.


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