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Al Habtoor Museum

Personalized museum tour for private guests



The museum tells the story of the Al Habtoor Group, Khalaf Al Ahmad Habtoor. This is a private museum only with guided tours, it is not accessible by the general public. A tour guide controls all of the media content, audio effects, smells, and lighting all via an iPad control system. At the heart of the museum is a 360° central hub. This uses a flexible 8k curved display with Christie microtiles to display film and stills content, all controllable via the iPad application.

Project Name

Al Habtoor Museum


We were required to work closely with Engage Works (UK & Dubai) to develop an admin panel that allows administrators of the museum to securely login & manage content. The same content needs to be then exposed using data endpoints that the iPad application uses.


Admin panel needed to have mainly two features,

  • Content management system
  • Multilingual support

As part of the Content management system, we were tasked to manage different types of content. The important step to designing a content management system is defining how content differs from each other and how they are grouped to form a complex type of content. Below are some basic types of content identified:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Text

The basic type of content is then grouped in a particular order to form a complex type of content.

  • Plinths
  • Narrations
  • Image galleries
  • Video playlist
  • Audio Playlist
  • Zone Notes
Al Habtoor Museum

Regarding multilingual support, we enabled the creation of the same content in different languages. Since translations were manual, the ability to completely control what goes as part of translated content was desirable.

Last but not least, we had to deploy this admin panel locally as it was meant to be used only by museum applications. We travelled to Dubai for a week to oversee the deployment of the same & address teething issues that may come up at the last moment without any delay.

Al Habtoor Museum

Al Habtoor Museum


We completed a successful on-site deployment and a smooth handover of an admin panel to local museum authorities.

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