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Al Habtoor Museum

We helped create personalized museum tours exclusively for private guests' delight.

The Al Habtoor Museum unfolds the narrative of the Al Habtoor Group and its visionary founder, Khalaf Al Ahmad Habtoor. Exclusive to guided tours, this private museum offers a curated experience beyond public access. Orchestrating multimedia elements seamlessly through an iPad control system, a dedicated guide enhances the encounter with audio effects, scents, and lighting. At its core, a cutting-edge 360° immersive experience is facilitated by an 8k curved display and Christie microtiles.

Navigating the intricacies of museum content management, our collaboration with Engage Works (UK & Dubai) resulted in a bespoke admin panel. This solution ensures secure login and content management for administrators while seamlessly exposing content through data endpoints for the iPad application, delivering a comprehensive and secure museum experience.


  • Administrative Challenges Faced:

Al Habtoor Museum collaborated closely with Engage Works (UK & Dubai) to confront the challenges of museum management. Addressing the need for secure login and efficient content management, they recognized the complexities administrators encountered in overseeing the museum’s operations.

  • Complexities in Content Exposure:

They navigated the intricacies of content exposure by integrating data endpoints. Recognizing the challenges associated with seamless synchronization with the iPad application, their efforts were directed toward resolving these complexities for a more streamlined digital experience.

  • Security Concerns:

Facing inherent security concerns, the development process grappled with vulnerabilities. Their emphasis on fortifying secure login functionalities aimed to address potential threats and instill confidence in safeguarding sensitive information for both administrators and users.


  • Feature Development:

In developing the admin panel, we honed in on two critical features: a Content Management System and Multilingual Support. This ensured a powerful platform for dynamic content control and comprehensive language representation, laying the foundation for a versatile and inclusive user experience.

  • Content Management System:

Tasked with managing diverse content types—Images, Videos, and Text—we meticulously organized them into complex structures such as Plinths, Narrations, Image Galleries, Video Playlists, Audio Playlists, and Zone Notes. This structured approach enhanced content accessibility and navigation within the Al Habtoor Museum.

  • Multilingual Enablement:

Facilitating the creation of content in multiple languages, we ensured manual translations for precision, maintaining control over the translated content. This deliberate approach added a layer of cultural inclusivity, enriching the visitor experience at the Al Habtoor Museum.

  • Local Deployment Expertise:

Taking the admin panel from development to deployment, we localized it for exclusive use within museum applications. Our team traveled to Dubai, dedicating a week to overseeing the deployment process and promptly addressing any unforeseen challenges, ensuring a seamless and timely launch.


We executed a successful on-site deployment, seamlessly delivering the admin panel to local museum authorities with a proficient handover, ensuring a smooth transition and operational readiness for enhanced administrative control.


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