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Safe Travel Barometer

Explore how we innovatively crafted a data and benchmarking platform for STB.


VIDEC collaborated with Ajackus to develop a data platform dedicated to tracking global COVID-19 traveler safety updates and the precautionary measures adopted by travel companies and destinations across the globe.


  • A Travel Industry Specialist

VIDEC, a boutique advisory and analytics firm, specializes in providing insights and analytics for the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector.

  • Project Objective – Safe Travel Barometer

VIDEC collaborated with Ajackus to develop the Safe Travel Barometer, a robust data platform. This platform aims to monitor and track COVID-19 traveler safety updates, along with the precautionary measures implemented by travel companies and destinations worldwide.

  • Key Focus – Global Surveillance for Travel Safety

The primary focus of the Safe Travel Barometer is to offer a comprehensive tool that ensures real-time monitoring and reporting of safety measures across the global travel industry.


  • Admin Panel Development

We crafted a flexible admin panel, incorporating varied schema support, historical record maintenance, and diverse user role capabilities. Leveraging Laravel and Backpack, we achieved rapid four-week production readiness.

  • API Integration with GraphQL

We implemented GraphQL for seamless API integration, empowering third-party access with a flexible query system for specific data requests. To streamline development, we introduced an API playground.

  • Safe Travel Score Algorithm Enhancement

We designed and seamlessly transferred our proprietary algorithm onto the platform, dedicated to calculating Safe Travel Scores for travel companies. Continuous refinement ensures accuracy, adaptability, and industry relevance.

  • Admin Panel Construction with Laravel and Backpack

We harnessed the agility of Laravel and Backpack to construct a feature-rich admin panel, ensuring quick development and production readiness.

  • API Integration with GraphQL Efficiency

We chose GraphQL over traditional REST APIs for enhanced data retrieval efficiency, providing our clients with precise information in a single request. The GraphQL API playground enhances our developer-friendliness.

  • Proprietary Algorithm Evolution and Deployment

Collaborating closely with our data scientists, we successfully transitioned and continuously refined our proprietary algorithm. This showcased our platform’s adaptability and agility, maintaining fairness and accuracy in evaluating safety initiatives.


Our solutions made a significant difference for our client’s businesses. The admin panel helps manage data easily, and the API integration makes things smoother for interactions. The Safe Travel Score tool boosts client credibility by showcasing their safety efforts. Our solutions also improve user experiences and build trust. Overall, clients have noticed streamlined operations, happier customers, and a better position in their industry.


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