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Simplifying integration of Digital health in patient care



Juvoxa is a platform that makes it easy to access and integrate personalized digital solutions in every treatment plan. They hired Ajackus as a trustworthy technology partner. Ajackus took the challenge of creating a product that would recommend relevant content to the doctor to prescribe it to their patients. The team, made up of 4 developers, a Project Manager, a QA engineer, and a Product Designer, started working on the project in the mid of 2019.


Doctors are still considered the most credible source by patients. Most traditional players, including pharma & Medtech, depend on clinicians to get to the right patient with the right content, programs, etc. But most doctors, despite their strong intent to empower patients, have limited ability to

  1. curate & share efficiently in clinic interactions and
  2. personalize optimally based on holistic patient behaviour.

No wonder >85% of healthcare apps have <5000 downloads each, and>70% of patients are not aware of pharma support programs even in tricky conditions like cancer and MS.


We built a web application for doctors and an android and ios app for patients. Juvoxa makes prescribing digital tools easier than prescribing a medicine – just one click. We expand doctor’s prescription beyond drugs and diagnostics to include digital solutions that critical patient need for getting the right information, keeping track of treatment, motivating compliance through reminders, patient diaries, etc. to significantly improve patient outcomes.

Doctor App

Patient App


View prescribed contents and trackers


Manage your medication schedule


Track symptoms or vitals


Manage your doctor appointment

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