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AI Transformation – Revolutionizing Businesses

This blog highlights current and future use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 10 major industries. Check out how it can help your business.

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Introduction To AI

We’re living in an age where technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most important advancements in tech. It has been seeing huge growth over the past few years. For instance, IBM’s Watson Al system uses machine learning to not only analyze data but also to make decisions. This can positively impact several major industries.  Here are some examples of how businesses are using AI:

  • AI can help brands create ads that target specific customers based on their location or interests; For example, Nike uses this tactic to tailor its ads toward people specifically interested in running shoes.
  • You can use AI to automatically process the data in your company’s email and find patterns that might indicate a problem.
  • Al is being used by companies like Amazon in order to recommend products based on what customers have previously bought.
  • One of the most popular ways people are using it is for customer service chatbots – these bots allow you to get answers from a machine without having to wait on hold with an actual person.

What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

There are many AI applications that have the potential to revolutionize a business. What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems able to perform tasks that typically require human intellect. In short, Al is an algorithm that can learn as well as do tasks like a human. There are many different types of Artificial Intelligence, however two can be distinguished. Firstly, Machine learning (ML) which uses algorithms to improve its own performance when given new data. Secondly, deep neural networks (DNN) which identifies patterns from existing databases.

Regardless, that is hardly everything. The AI revolution is moving fast changing the landscape forever with advanced technological solutions we only heard about in science fiction. It will not be long before sentient AI will be a part of our world. Meanwhile, we have a lot to teach them before that can happen.

Types of AI/ML learning

Similar to every intelligent entity, Al too needs learning to perform the tasks. However, how do we teach a machine?

Machines and computers can be taught in 3 ways that can together build complex AI systems. Most effective systems have proven to be those imitating neurons and synapses in the human brain creating a vast network of information. Let’s explore the 3 teaching methods for AI:

  • Unsupervised Learning – This kind of learning helps find patterns and similarities in large amounts of data like reporting side effects or similar symptoms in a list of patients in a city.
  • Supervised Learning – This kind of learning helps in data spotting through complex algorithms to find more specific details like detection of diseases through symptoms and individual patient’s medical history.
  • Reinforced Learning – This type of AI develops through learning changes in algorithms at different stages of a process to get constant updates or accurate results. An example to mention is deriving the right treatment plan for a patient through multiple sets of data involving multiple factors and patterns.

As we know how AI learns, therefore let’s dive into its application in major sectors and industries.

Uses And Applications Of AI In 10 Major Industries

There are many currents as well as future applications of AI in various sectors, but we’ll focus on 10 major industries.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being utilized in various industries and the medical field has been no exception. In a recent study, researchers found that AI can be used to identify diseases more quickly than human doctors could ever hope for!

Scientists have created artificial intelligence systems which analyze CT scans of patients with suspected abdominal or thoracic aorta disease – they can detect brain injury from acute stroke as well as pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis. Although these machines cannot diagnose ailments like cancer yet; it might not take too long before this technology progresses even further into detecting other such illnesses. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in Healthcare:

  • AI telehealthcare tools to avail healthcare in remote and underdeveloped regions.
  • Cognitive technologies and applications for data analysis, predictions, and quick & accurate diagnosis.
  • Spotting healthcare issues by biometrics, facial recognition, heart rate, etc.
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) to give capabilities back to neurological patients.
  • Future radiology tools to replace difficult testing procedures like biopsies.
  • Better imaging and analytics systems for healthcare reports in Pathology. 
  • Research tools for cancer treatment and other terminal diseases.

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FinTech (Banking And Finance)

AI is changing the way banking and finance work. From helping make decisions that impact our finances, to making transactions with ease, AI has left a lasting mark on these industries. With Emotional Intelligence in mind for customer service interactions as well as decision-making processes around loans or credit cards for example; it’s no wonder why we’re seeing more of them popping up everywhere from banks like JP Morgan Chase & Co., JP Morgan Securities LLC, and Wells Fargo Company to startups such as Chobani Inc. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in FinTech:

  • Making trading easier with applications that can predict the ups and downs of the stock market with a 360-degree analysis and accuracy. 
  • AI-enabled automation systems to detect frauds, deploy customer support, and ease many more operational functionalities in banks. 
  • Evaluation and deployment of economic policies through AI systems. 
  • Improvement of customer experiences at banks with chatbots and observational analysis tools and systems.
  • Safety in wealth management in cell phones via strong multi-authentication processes. 

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Real Estate

AI technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, and real estate isn’t immune. AI in Real Estate can help buyers find the perfect home with more accuracy than ever before by sorting through listings based on preferences like location, price range, or the number of bedrooms. It also helps sellers assess their property value to determine an accurate listing price that will get them the highest return possible without waiting days for feedback from a human agent–and it provides automated reminders when open houses are scheduled so you don’t forget. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in Real Estate: 

  • Map-based search engines and property recommendation tools to easily find or eliminate properties for customers on real estate websites and marketplaces.
  • Market analysis tools to create strategies based on several factors such as location, demographic, ethnicity, gender, etc.
  • Recording and calculation of economic values of millions of properties across the globe.
  • KPI tracker for properties can be a huge contributor to revenue.

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AI is not only changing how we work, it’s also revolutionizing the way students learn. Artificial intelligence can provide personalized feedback to learners for better understanding and retention of concepts that are taught in a classroom setting. It will be more convenient and efficient than traditional methods where individualized attention from teachers was required as there would now be no need for human intervention during class time or after-school hours when tutoring children one on one with homework help desks available online. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in Education: 

  • Is already widely used for remote learning through video conferencing and tele-education apps.
  • AI automation for general teaching operations like grading or admissions processes.
  • For improvement of courses with precisely informative additions.
  • Make the classroom experience more interactive by scientifically and psychologically backed methods.
  • Avail a 24/7 student support system and ease learning with Al teachers.

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E-commerce is a lucrative business, but not all companies have the funds or manpower to outsource their fulfillment needs. AI is what some online retailers are using in order to handle orders with greater efficiency than humans can alone. It goes beyond simple order processing and includes decision-making that would otherwise be handled by store managers or other employees looking after inventory levels, shipment schedules, etc. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in ECommerce: 

  • Personalized and confidential recommendation systems for customers.
  • Personalized notification on availability, pricing, and other preferences of customers.
  • Image processing systems making shopping easier based on social media activities and saved items on platforms like Pinterest.
  • Content marketing tools based on AI for quick and easy marketing efforts.
  • Graphic designing tools based on AI for quick and easy marketing efforts.
  • AI-based software testing programs to enrich user experience.
  • AI-based analytics systems to better understand the customer base.
  • Self-checkout systems to make E-shopping convenient for customers.

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Broadcasting And Communication

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for decades. One of the many reasons it is such an intriguing prospect is its potential to change how we communicate and interact with one another in ways that are much more productive than what was possible before AI became part of our communication systems. In fact, some experts predict that artificial intelligence will be as revolutionary in broadcasting as digital technology was when it first hit mainstream society. It is already used successfully in the gaming industry and creating a sensation. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in Broadcasting and Communication: 

  • AI chatbots for easy communications across the internet.
  • AI-based video conferencing features to enable futuristic levels of communication.
  • Automation of broadcasting and media operations with more accuracy than human intervention.
  • Analytical tools to better study user base.
  • Recommendation tools for viewership based on their social media interests and activities.

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AI is transforming the retail industry as it learns to make sense of this overwhelming data and predict customer behavior. It can help retailers solve problems like optimizing inventory, making personalized recommendations, or improving store layout. AI’s ability to learn from its mistakes makes these improvements easier – algorithms only need a few more tries before they get better at solving any problem that arises in their environment. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in Retail: 

  • CRM applications for better sales initiatives across the globe.
  • AI-based logistics and inventory management systems across sectors.
  • Drone and robot-based delivery systems for the future.
  • Analytics and strategizing tools for an in-store recommendation based on image processing of security camera’s feeds in stores.
  • Easy and quick payment methods in stores without human intervention.
  • Robotics for manufacturing products in manufacturing sectors as well.

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Travel And Hospitality 

Imagine being given a customized itinerary for your vacation. The program you use to plan the trip has all of your favorite destinations and hotels listed, and it provides suggestions on what kind of activities would make an ideal holiday experience while also taking into account any food preferences or other needs that might be specific to you as an individual traveler. AI is able to gather so much information about people’s thoughts, feelings, motivations, and behavior with unprecedented speed and accuracy through clever machine learning algorithms that can process large amounts of data 24/7 from billions of sources ranging from social media posts like Facebook statuses. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in Retail: 

  • Facial recognition systems to strengthen security systems in hotels.
  • Personalized travel itineraries through AI-based applications for travelers through algorithms studying their preferences and desires.
  • 24/7 online and offline feedback and customer support systems for travelers even in remote locations.
  • Offline travel guides and recommendation systems for better travel experiences.
  • Artificial Intelligence based in-room servicing systems in hotels available 24/7.
  • Artificial Intelligence based booking applications for easy bookings.

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Automated Vehicles

What if you could have a car that does all the driving for you? Imagine never having to worry about parking or other inconveniences. That’s what AI is providing in automated vehicles. With Artificial Intelligence, cars are getting smarter and more autonomous every day–they can park themselves by using sensors to map out an area before it even arrives there! This technology will make navigating through cities easier than ever with fewer traffic jams, accidents, and wasted time on network fails. Let’s explore different use cases of AI based in automatic vehicles:

  • These cars are used for navigating complex traffic roads.
  • Artificial Intelligence based image processing, GPS, Cloud services, etc in vehicles to collect exact information of the surroundings. This operates the vehicle on its own like google’s self-driving cars for safer and accident-free roads.
  • AI based parking systems for less to no chaos in the parking scene.
  • Artificial Intelligent cars for fuel-saving and environment-friendly conveyance.
  • Self-driving cars for the disabled and older population’s convenience.

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Agriculture is one of the oldest industries in human history. But now, it’s facing a new challenge: How can we make sure that farms stay competitive as a society, population, and technology continues to evolve? The answer may lie with artificial intelligence. Today farmers are using AI tools like drones and satellite imagery for everything from crop scouting to optimizing watering schedules–and many more applications will be possible once agriculture-specific AIs come onto the market. Let’s explore different use cases of AI in Agriculture: 

  • Security and monitoring systems backed by image processing to protect crop yields from weather, animals, and more year-round.
  • AI/ML-backed data processing systems collecting information through drones and increasing farming quality.
  • Inground sensors to monitor pests infestation.
  • Smart Bots and tractors to aid the agricultural workforce.
  • Livestock health and operation management through AI-backed systems.
  • IoT-backed watering and maneuvering systems for fields.

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Conclusion On AI

AI will soon be able to take over all types of tasks that are repetitive or tedious, freeing up humans to do more meaningful work. The future is now and for many people, it feels like a scary place because they don’t understand what’s happening or how these changes will affect them personally. But there’s no need to fear artificial intelligence; instead, embrace its potential with open arms and consider partnering with an expert company that can help guide you on this journey into the future. 

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