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AI Powered technologies transformation 2022

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Jan 03, 2022·3 mins read

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) has had an impact on almost all industries today. AI-powered technologies have entered every vertical, from medical services to gaming, and from finance to human resources technology. Furthermore, businesses have adopted AI increasingly due to the global pandemic. It is expected to continue in the coming years.

    To earn a slice from the huge cake of the digital revolution, organizations must follow the emerging trends of responsible AI, and that’s the only way for them to put one foot ahead in highly competitive markets around the world. 

    Here are some key trends in artificial intelligence technologies that will emerge in 2022.

    AI in Cybersecurity

    The economic downturn caused by the pandemic, consequently, the increase in global internet usage has made cybersecurity a big consideration for Industries. Organizations can use AI to develop new methods that will automate network security.

    Data security is becoming increasingly reliant on AI-based innovations that assist businesses in supporting their cloud migration operations while also increasing the adequacy of big data technologies.

    Augmented Intelligence

    Augmented Intelligence in Al is one of the most prominent emerging trends. It is a combination of humans dynamic decision-making power and machine specialized proficiency that increases productivity. According to a Gartner report, the contribution of digital employees will increase by 50% by 2022. Furthermore, by 2023, approximately 40% of IT infrastructure teams will be using AI-augmented technologies to improve their IT proficiency. Healthcare, travel, financial services, and retail are some of the industries where augmented intelligence is becoming more common.

    Metaverse and AI

    We’re sure you’ve heard of the metaverse, which is a computerized environment in which users can play and collaborate with others, digitally. Metaverse is a virtual world where we will have a one-of-a-kind experience. Despite the fact that this is a computer-generated virtual world, it appears to be more real than the real world. It would not be incorrect to refer to the Metaverse as the next generation of the Internet. When Mark Zuckerberg mentioned assembling it by innovating VR technology with Facebook’s social establishments, the idea went viral. It appears that AI will play a critical role in the metaverse environment.

    Creative artificial intelligence

    It is a well-established fact that the uses of AI are to create music, plays, poetry, and art along with computer games. In any case, by 2022, new models such as Google’s Brain and GPT-4 will have revamped the limits of outputs and will start producing more intricate results that are more normal and inventive.

    No-code or low-code AI

    Due to an insufficiency of skilled AI developers, increased costs, etc., businesses usually fail to embrace AI-driven transformations. Organizations can overcome these issues with low-code or no-code AI arrangements. How? No-code and low-code AI solutions offer simple interfaces that can be used to create complex AI systems. Users can create complex AI-based designs just by using drag-and-drop functionality.

    Expanded Internet of Things (IoT) sensors

    The number of Internet-connected devices is expected to reach 50 billion by 2022, up from around 10 billion in recent years. 

    Voice and language-driven intelligence

    AI technology based on voice and language opens the door to next-generation human-computer interaction. Consumer spending on voice assistants is expected to skyrocket by 2022, according to industry projections.

    Increased user demand for personalization.

    Personalized digital experiences have quickly become the norm, as users expect tailored interactions with brands, from all industries. This has resulted in a surge in advancements of Machine Learning (ML) and AI’s predictive capabilities, which are assisting businesses in gathering more reliable user insights. The accuracy of this technology will continue to improve as users expect more personalized experiences with each digital interaction.

    According to some estimates, the artificial intelligence and machine learning ventures will grow at a 44 percent CAGR, reaching $9.5 billion by 2022. 

    In the near future, artificial intelligence will be extremely important in accelerating the growth of businesses and industries. Businesses that use AI to improve business functions such as marketing, human resources, sales, IT operations, accounting, administration, and so on can command the top spot in their respective industries.

    No doubt, companies that don’t believe in “one size fits all” lead the market. In contrast to the legacy system, business growth can only be fueled by constant innovation. The day businesses begin to innovate and revamp their processes with AI, will be a watershed moment in their fast-paced business journey. In 2022, AI and ML will be a huge push of wind for business waves to hit growth shores all over the world. 

    Let’s join hands and change the world together. Whatever technology your business needs, we at Ajackus are all set to serve you best with our remote technology teams. To partner with us, click here.


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