How Strategic Outsourcing IT Services to India Helping the US?

How Strategic Outsourcing IT Services to India Helping the US?

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Siddhesh Patankar

Jan 25, 2022·10 mins read

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    The US is one of the largest and most important financial centers, becoming a leading global technology cluster. Still, why do US companies trust outsourcing IT services to India?

    Let’s dig in more.

    According to Gartner, the global IT investment reached $4.47 trillion in 2023, marking a 5.5 percent raise over 2021. Without question, the United States is one of the primary focus of this market area.

    In recent years, there has been a surge in the use of software technologies, mobile applications, and cloud computing, as a result of the economic growth in the US. Amid all this great news, after the pandemic, the US is indeed struggling with a significant shortage of competent talent capable of fulfilling the technology needs of enterprises.

    While businesses in the US attempt to reach market demands, offshoring projects is the ideal option to solve the growth issues. When we talk of offshoring projects from the US, the first option immediately comes to mind is India. Why? Let’s see.

    What is Strategic Outsourcing and How Can It Help Your Business?

    A laptop with notes symbolizing outsourcing.
    Image Source: Mattsen Kumar

    Delegating specific tasks and operations to skilled external partners is known as strategic outsourcing. While commonly viewed as a tool for resource-constrained startups, this approach is actively employed by companies of all sizes across various industries.

    The true essence of strategic outsourcing lies in leveraging external expertise for tangible business gains. Imagine tapping into a pool of specialized knowledge, honed through years of experience and research to elevate your internal processes.

    The ultimate goal? Building a seamless value chain, where each stage operates with peak efficiency and accuracy, all while maximizing cost-effectiveness. This translates to a boost in competitiveness and a stronger overall business outlook.

    However, successfully harnessing the power of outsourcing requires careful strategic planning. Identifying which components of your value chain present optimal outsourcing opportunities is crucial.

    Michael Porter‘s five principles of strategic positioning offer valuable guidance here:

    • Company image: How does outsourcing IT services align with your brand and public perception?
    • Competitiveness of goods and services: Will outsourcing enhance the quality and appeal of your offerings?
    • Sales opportunities: Can outsourcing free up resources to unlock new market avenues?
    • Technical characteristics of the company: Does your core infrastructure readily integrate with external partners?
    • Financial condition of the company: Are you financially prepared for the investment and potential risks associated with outsourcing?

    By thoughtfully considering these factors and aligning outsourcing IT services with your broader strategic vision, you can unlock the power of external expertise to drive your business to the next level.

    Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services

    Graphs and charts illustrating the advantages of outsourcing.
    Image Source: Cyfuture

    Outsourcing isn’t just about delegating tasks; it’s a strategic lever for unleashing business potential. When you partner with the right experts, a wealth of benefits emerges, propelling your company towards a competitive edge.

    Let’s explore the key advantages of strategic outsourcing IT services:

    1. Cost Efficiency

    Say goodbye to hefty in-house expenses. Outsourcing empowers you to leverage expert capabilities without the burden of hiring dedicated personnel. Automation and optimized workflows further amplify cost savings, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.

    2. Sharpened Focus

    Ditch the operational treadmill. By outsourcing routine tasks, your team can redirect their energy towards your core expertise, tackling complex challenges that truly require human ingenuity and judgment. This enhanced focus translates to greater efficiency and agility.

    3. Risk Mitigation

    Going it alone in unfamiliar territory can be risky. Lack of expertise can also lead to costly mistakes or wasted resources. But when you’re outsourcing IT services, you can tap into a pool of proven expertise, empowering you to navigate challenges confidently, minimize errors, and safeguard your organization.

    4. Resource Optimization

    Off-the-shelf software often holds untapped potential. When you entrust customization and integration to seasoned professionals, you unlock its full power, maximizing your return on investment and ensuring seamless alignment with your unique business goals.

    5. Competitive Advantage

    The cumulative effect of these benefits culminates in the ultimate prize: a distinct competitive edge. By becoming more flexible, managing costs effectively, and driving growth across various areas, you gain the upper hand in your market, leaving competitors in the dust.

    6. Global Knowledge Network

    No one can be an expert in everything. However, partnering with specialized service providers grants you access to a vast global knowledge and expertise network. These dedicated teams invest heavily in staying ahead of the curve, readily sharing their insights and skills to empower your success.

    Challenges of Outsourced IT Services

    A chart depicting challenges in outsourcing, highlighting potential obstacles and difficulties.
    Image Source: Sonatafy Technology

    While outsourcing IT services offers remarkable advantages giving you a competitive edge, it’s crucial to acknowledge potential challenges and address them proactively:

    1. Maintaining Control

    Delegation shouldn’t equate to relinquishing control. Ensure transparent communication, clearly defined performance indicators or KPIs, and open dialogue around potential hurdles. This fosters trust and collaboration, allowing you to remain firmly in the driver’s seat.

    2. Cost Transparency

    Hidden fees and opaque billing practices can sour the outsourcing experience. Choose providers who prioritize transparency, outlining all costs upfront and offering flexible payment models based on clear deliverables. Do regular audits further to ensure alignment and cost predictability.

    At Ajackus, we have transparent pricing and ensure proper communication with our clients, so that they have visibility over everything.

    3. Quality Assurance

    Expertise claims don’t always guarantee optimal results. Implement a rigorous vetting process, requesting proof of qualifications, track records, and client testimonials. Performance-based contracts provide additional protection, guaranteeing quality outcomes for your investment.

    Successful outsourced IT services hinge on choosing reliable tech partners and establishing clear communication channels. By building trust and implementing these safeguards, you can unlock the immense potential of strategic outsourcing, propelling your business toward growth and sustainable success.

    At Ajackus, our 12+ years of experience across diverse industries have helped us in dealing with such challenges or any other challenges that may come.

    11 Reasons for Outsourcing IT Services to India

    Here are the 11 reasons why India is emerging as a hotshot software outsourcing destination for the US and other business hubs around the globe.

    1. India is a Goldmine for IT Needs

    India boasts a massive pool of IT professionals available at competitive prices. Industry experts predict that India’s cloud workforce will balloon to 1.5 million by 2025, adding to the already impressive numbers. Currently, an estimated 4 million IT professionals are directly employed, with an additional 10 million working indirectly.

    Every year, India’s IT industry welcomes over 200,000 graduates, making it the world’s youngest and potentially most dynamic tech talent pool. Additionally, with over 128 million English speakers, language barriers become a breeze for international collaboration.

    2. Cultural overlaps and authenticity

    The close cultural ties between India and the United States, along with a significant Indian-American population (about 1.3% of the total U.S. population), create a natural understanding.

    This, combined with the strong business environment in the United States and positive relations with India, forms a trustworthy foundation for outsourcing. As a result, many Indian-Americans have become CEOs in top companies.

    Indian IT companies stick to global standards, following certifications like PCI and ISO. Their active involvement in outsourcing industry groups demonstrates their commitment to quality. All these factors make India a great choice for U.S. companies looking for reliable outsourcing partners.

    3. The best suitable environment for R&D and Innovation

    India is a hotbed of innovation, housing 27% of Asia’s innovation centers. A staggering 80% of these fresh hubs actively integrate cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML, cloud computing, and big data analytics into their projects. Within organizations, innovation can often be hampered by rigid hierarchies and risk aversion.

    By outsourcing to India, Singaporean businesses can gain a competitive edge by tapping into this culture of innovation. Indian companies are also known for providing their employees greater freedom to experiment and explore, leading to a constant flow of fresh ideas and solutions.

    4. Infrastructure & experience

    Choosing India for outsourcing IT services grants you access to a wealth of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience. Indian teams have a proven track record of handling complex projects with efficiency and ease.

    From IT hubs like Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad, India boasts world-class infrastructure that rivals any major nation. Even startups and SMEs in India actively adopt innovative technologies to deliver exceptional solutions, making them valuable partners for businesses seeking agility and cutting-edge expertise.

    5. Adapt to Market Dynamics with Indian Teams

    Flower pot showcasing market dynamics and adaptability
    Image Source: LinkedIn

    US technology companies operate in a dynamic landscape, facing constant shifts in demand, priorities, and competition. Partnering with Indian IT outsourcing companies offers valuable flexibility in project management. Many Indian teams readily adapt to your needs, allowing you to:

    • Effortless Upscaling: When market demands spike, seamlessly expand your team with additional skilled professionals. Capitalize on opportunities without resource constraints.
    • Smooth Downscaling: During slower periods, optimize costs by adjusting your team size. Many outsourcing agreements offer flexible terms, ensuring cost-effective solutions.

    6. Stay Ahead with Indian Expertise

    The tech industry thrives on innovation. Indian outsourcing IT services can be your key to continuous improvement through:

    • Tech-Savvy Workforce: India boasts a vast pool of highly skilled professionals adept in the latest technologies, from AI and cloud computing to big data analytics. By leveraging their expertise, you can gain access to cutting-edge solutions and stay ahead of industry trends.
    • Disciplined Approach: Indian businesses often operate with well-defined processes and a strong commitment to continuous improvement. This structured approach fosters a culture of experimentation and learning, leading to the development of innovative solutions and improved efficiencies.

    7. Seamless Collaboration Across Continents

    India’s time zone (UTC+5:30) aligns perfectly with US business hours, creating a near-seamless workday overlap. This translates to:

    • Extended Workday: When your US team finishes, India picks up, ensuring continuous progress and faster turnaround times.
    • Streamlined Communication: Overlapping work hours enables smooth communication and collaboration, keeping projects on track.

    8. Skill Proficiency in Tasks for U.S. Companies

    Indian IT professionals excel in swiftly adapting to new technologies, and they can be efficiently trained in emerging business software. Consequently, investing less time yields more productivity, boosting technological growth within the workforce.

    9. Streamlined Outsourcing Procedures

    Initiating outsourcing agreements with Indian companies is as straightforward as finalizing a local vendor agreement. The process involves selecting the outsourcing partner and signing a contract, and it’s complete!

    At Ajakus, we act as your Indian tech partners predominantly adhering to agile methodologies, simplifying business monitoring, and facilitating amendments as needed.

    10. Save Smart with Indian Tech Partners

    For cost-effective development, consider outsourcing IT services to India. The favorable exchange rate and affordable skilled professionals make it a financially savvy choice compared to keeping operations local.

    A lot of times U.S. businesses face challenges managing tech costs, leading to higher customer charges. However, teaming up with Indian tech partners offers top-notch service at lower costs, providing a budget-friendly solution.

    Outsourcing to India not only saves money but also offers budget flexibility. It’s a win-win, allowing U.S. companies to enhance efficiency, stay tech-savvy, and foster growth in the competitive digital landscape.

    11. Business-Friendly Environment and Government Support

    India’s business-friendly environment and government support make it an optimal choice for US clients outsourcing IT services to India. Policies like the Information Technology Act and Companies Act create a secure framework, ensuring transparency.

    Along with that, recognizing IT as a major revenue source, India’s flexible policies streamline outsourcing, fostering a successful partnership.

    Ajackus: Outsourcing IT Services to India’s leading IT company

    Providing top-notch IT solutions in India as your reliable tech partner.

    The digital terrain is a fiercely competitive arena, and with Ajackus, you’re not just at the helm, you’re commanding a rocket ship. We aren’t simply IT service providers; we serve as your trusted mission control, meticulously tailoring bespoke solutions to propel your business toward unparalleled success in technology.

    At Ajackus, we transcend the role of mere IT service providers; we function as your trusted mission control, expertly designing customized solutions to drive the digital transformation of your business.


    With a tech expertise of over 12 years, we’ve adeptly navigated the landscapes of 15+ industries, including healthcare, fintech, real estate, edtech, oil and gas, travel, HRtech, and more.


    Our expertise spans a wide array of 100+ technologies, including JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, QA Manual, Go, iOS, DevOps, Android, Spring Boot, React, Angular, Ruby on Rails, and more.

    Project Track Record

    Demonstrating unwavering commitment, we’ve delivered over 300 successful projects, showcasing our ability to translate industry knowledge and technical prowess into tangible results.

    User Impact

    Leaving a positive imprint on the digital realm, our solutions have reached over 500 million end users, reflecting the substantial impact we’ve made in enhancing user experiences.

    Communication Strength

    We prioritize English proficiency to ensure effective and transparent collaboration, establishing clear communication channels with our clients at every stage of the project journey.

    Client Satisfaction

    Our client satisfaction is evident through highly positive feedback and enduring partnerships. With an outstanding 4.9 rating on Clutch, we were recognized as the Top App Development Company and Top Software Developers in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

    Agile Methodology

    Embracing an agile approach, we swiftly adapt to changing project requirements. For example, our PRD (Product Requirement Document) process takes an average of 2-4 weeks (30-40 hours), while the development of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is completed in 8-12 weeks on average, ensuring efficiency without compromising quality.

    This is just a snapshot of our comprehensive IT solutions at Ajackus. We’re here to elevate your business and poised to ignite your growth in the U.S.

    Conclusion: Consider India for Outsourcing IT Services

    Alright, let us summarize it. US companies are hopping on outsourcing IT services to India train, and here’s the lowdown. The global IT scene is buzzing, and the US, a big player, is dealing with a tech talent shortage. Our blog spills the beans on why strategic outsourcing is the way to go, stressing the need for some solid planning. Think saving costs, laser-focused efforts, playing it safe with risks, and having the world’s knowledge at your fingertips.

    Why India, you ask? Well, it’s like hitting the jackpot for your IT needs – a goldmine of talent, shared culture vibes, innovation galore, and top-notch infrastructure. Plus, we’ve got this seamless collaboration thing going on – same time zones, skilled peeps, easy-breezy procedures, and a business-friendly setup.

    And oh, don’t forget about us, Ajackus. We’re the real MVPs, your go-to IT buddies, bringing the goods – expertise, skills, positive impacts, and happy clients.

    Want our help with outsourcing IT services? Contact us!

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