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No-Code/Low-Code Revolution – 5 Reasons To Embrace

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Jul 22, 2021·4 mins read

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    No-Code/Low-Code development is said to be the future of development.

    But why is that so? And what exactly is No-Code/Low-Code development?

    These questions might be currently hovering in your mind. To simply put it, No-Code/Low-Code development is the development of applications and software with minimal or no coding. It empowers businesses by giving them all the necessary tools to design and deploy any software they need to flourish.

    No-Code/Low-Code development – Why’s & How’s

    Your curiosity might be bugging you to find out why and how this revolutionary technology came into the picture. Well to explain the flow of this necessity, let’s jump into the statistics ~

    1. The future workforce is born and raised in the digital age with 75% of them going to be millennials by 2025. This means that the digital demands and needs are going to surge drastically.
    2. The accelerating digital demand will result in an estimated 500 million+ application development in the next 5 years. This demand is more than the number of applications built in the last 40 years combined. It is 5 times more than what the current IT infrastructure can deliver.
    3. This leads us to know that the demand surge makes the current developer population inadequate as developers are shorter than 1 million in numbers.
    4. Lastly, the current Covid19 crisis has resulted in an approx 5.2% of global GDP loss in 2020 and led to enormous development needs across the globe as functioning the traditional way is no longer the norm, and businesses have gone digital and remote.

    The solution to this global phenomenon lies in churning out more and more software developers across nations. However, achieving this solution might not be as convenient as it looks. It doesn’t even solve the challenges that arise a decade later.

    But what if we told you, we can put the power of development at your fingertips? This can be achieved with minimal or no tech support and coding requirements. Moreover, it helps instead of creating more and more developers.

    This is exactly what No-Code/Low-Code development is.

    What is No-Code/Low-Code development?

    No-Code Development

    No-Code development is the creation of platforms and tools that require no coding to build new interfaces. Businesses can now simply drag and drop elements to create apps and other digital entities. This revolutionizes how businesses will work in the digital age with departments like finance, sales, or marketing functioning with IT but without the need for an IT department. Getting complex and intelligent No-Code Platforms developed is a legible solution to eliminate recurring software needs.

    Low-Code Development

    Low-Code development revolutionizes development methodology by democratizing it. Businesses across the globe can design and deploy software development of diverse applications with minimum technical support. It can also enable finer control over data and third-party integrations. From iBPM platforms handling process workflow, user experience, and automation to hpaPaas and enterprise platforms, low code platforms can be developed to target different needs keeping recurring development cost and time investment at bay.

    You might have come across several No-Code/Low-Code platforms like Airtable or Wix. However, these are not the high-end No-Code/Low-Code platforms. Today, you can build and launch complex digital entities like messaging apps, marketplaces, analytics dashboards, VR experiences, AI-based applications, and more within weeks instead of months or years with minimal or no tech support required. Highly sophisticated No-Code/Low-Code platforms are ready to elevate your business process 10 folds. Let’s learn more about it below.

    5 Reasons why you need No-Code/Low-Code development for your business

    The exciting part is that this development technology is not just something that aids current global challenges but also mitigates some fundamental issues that we had stopped seeing as an issue. Let’s discuss the 5 reasons why No-Code/Low-Code development will benefit your business 10 fold.

    No-Code/Low-Code Development saves time

    This technology has a direct impact on the time spent on development needs as the basic characteristic of No-Code/Low-Code development is to do it through minimal or no coding. You can simply drag and drop elements on the backend and your software will be ready to use by business users on the forefront.

    No-Code/Low-Code Development eliminates recurring costs

    As there is no need of hiring a technical team to add every new feature you want on your software, the costs automatically cut down in the long run. No-Code/Low-Code development is what you need if you want to avoid recurring development costs.

    No-Code/Low-Code Development further digitizes the non-tech workforce for innovation

    The current global IT workforce is not sufficient to fulfill the digital needs of the future. Training your non-tech workforce to develop apps is the only adequate solution and No-Code/Low-Code platforms enable that. No-Code/Low-Code development can now digitize departments like finance, operations, HR, sales, and more with minimal tech assistance for further innovation. 

    No-Code/Low-Code Development integrates bulk data better

    85% of global organizations struggle to analyze the bulk amount of unstructured data created by traditional applications. No-Code/Low-Code platforms eliminate this issue, thus this technology sets you up for better analysis and business strategies.

    No-Code/Low-Code Development offers rapid launch of business or product

    If you want to launch your business software or product within weeks instead of months or years, No-Code/Low-Code platforms are your go-to technology. This speed however doesn’t affect the quality when it comes to No-Code/Low-Code development as high-end technology can be integrated through it.

    Use Cases of No-Code/Low-Code Platforms

    If you are intrigued to know where you can use No-Code/Low-Code technology, have a look at the list below:

    • Customer engagement applications
    • Operational efficiency applications
    • Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) 
    • Process automation applications
    • Employee engagement applications
    • Software modernization applications
    • Business unit – IT applications
    • Saas and ISV applications


    No-Code/Low-Code development is a revolutionary way for businesses to create an impact with minimal dependency. The future business competition will be more fierce than ever, and the only advantage you have over your competitors is how quickly you can deploy new strategies and pivot from what’s not working.

    If you’re ready to take this competitive edge yourself, then connect with us and we will help you get started with No-Code/Low-Code development today!

    To know what is best for your software development needs, click here. Learn more about our No-Code/Low-Code offerings here. Measure the success of No-Code/Low-Code technology with the information here.

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