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Retail Industry Stats

In 2019, China’s automated retail market was valued at 26.2 billion yuan, surging from 1.7 billion yuan in 2014. The automated store is a new concept of retail, which requires no personnel and no cashier. In 2020, Fashion Nova was the most popular retail brand in the United States with over 205 million cross-platform actions on social media brand content.

Playstation was second with more than 130 million social media actions on brand-owned content. The widely used technology among UK retailers was visual search, with 45% of retailers who participated in the study stating they used this technology in their companies followed by voice search with 27% and AI and Virtual reality use in retail at 23%


A Note To The Retail Industry

An experience that has been fulfilling civilized society since the Bronze age is Retail. The need in people for buying necessities as well as luxury is innate and needs constant up-gradation from time to time. Looking at the current development in the Retail Industry with the intervention of technology, we can predict that a retail revolution is on the way. Ajackus has been ready to partake in it since its inception and help businesses realize its complete retail potential.

In the past, Ajackus has helped companies like Smeltt put their product online and reach a wider customer base without setting up shops. However, we have more to offer to retail than just website and application development. We aim to bring technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, AR/VR into retail and automate processes like payments, checkouts, product browsing, product research, security, and more into retail shops.

It is evident that the fate of the retail industry is brighter with technology and Ajackus can be your technology partner in making your business ready for that fate.

To reach your customer base better and wider with technology, give us a chance and we will serve you better than the best.

Team Ajackus.

What Our Clients Say

Ajackus has worked with me before, they were the design agency while I was building InstaReM. I came to Canopy and needed a helping hand in building the front-end application at Canopy. I reached out to Ajackus based on their reputation and trust from my experience with them during InstaReM days. We followed a set process, Ajackus provided their support and catered to all front-end requirements of the organization.

Amit Gupta

CTO at Canopy Pte Ltd

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