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Manufacturing Industry Stats

3D printing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual reality are only a couple of grains of sand near the ocean of new manufacturing innovation models, however, they are consistently turning out to be more common. The 2022 outlook suggests that there are various manufacturing industry trends that can prove advantageous in order to capture growth. 81% of manufacturers said they are ready to invest in new digital technologies to boost productivity.

For instance, cobots, or cooperative robots, turn out to be a better choice as they are well-equipped for evolving circumstances. 858,306 industrial robots will be supposedly installed in the manufacturing sector worldwide by 2025, representing a 13.1% CAGR. 74% of people in the manufacturing sector feel Smart Factory Technology will be used to streamline internal company processes from shop floor to admin.



A Note To The Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is known as a key building block of society. It is clear that information technology is the way for the manufacturing industry to stroll into a rewarding future. With innovations like cobots, 3D printing of entire project, and many more such ideas that help the manufacturing industry, reduce latency and boost your processing. Along with this, technology is utilized to augment product quality and lessen production costs. It was identified that this is one of the most important areas coupled with assurance for decision making.

At Ajackus, we provide you with real-time secure solutions, taking you closer to where computing power comes to play in your business. As there is a shift in manufacturing tech, we help you with the interconnection of devices that collect significant data. This can be used to then enhance the entire manufacturing process.

Let us enable you to bring about automation and revolutionize the Manufacturing industry!

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Go to Ajackus with an idea of what you want and they will break it down to tell you what’s achievable within a specific time frame and at what cost. Ajackus communicated clearly in a non-technical manner regularly through email and phone calls to give us updates on the progress of the project which was very helpful. They always made sure we were all aligned in the right time zone since they’re in India, and we in Singapore, which is very considerate of them. The app has garnered positive feedback from clients, who find it particularly convenient to access COVID-19 test records for travel purposes. I’ve already introduced Ajackus to another medical company, so I know exactly what to recommend.

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