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As an interviewer, how can you make the best first impression of your company?

While there are many strategies for taking an interview, an interviewer should keep in mind what they need to do to create the best first impression of their company. It is one of the factors that assure your candidate in the hiring process.

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An interview is basically the exchange of information between two people. But what defines a good interview is where the same two people engage in a conversation, instead of simply carrying out the give-and-take of questions. It is often seen that a good interviewer put forth a conscious effort on getting the most out of the interview process.

An interviewer needs to remember a very important aspect during an interview. Candidates decide whether or not to work with a company, similar to the interviewers deciding whether to hire them. Since an interviewer has the responsibility to portray their company in the right light in the first few minutes itself, the entire interview process may seem difficult. But, getting the right candidate while strengthening the company by putting in additional efforts is worthwhile. Besides, it will improve and upgrade the brand image. However, in the age of virtual interviews, it is particularly tough to create a positive mark for your company, but not impossible.

Here are a few ways, in which we at Ajackus suggest creating the best impression.

1. Interviewer opens on a positive note:

Interviews at Ajackus always open with a smile and a hello, for they go a long way. This makes the virtual process a bit more humanized. Following the introduction, asking the interviewees about sports or any other common topic they relate to will make them more comfortable and respond more positively.

2. Art of listening by an interviewer:

It so happens that the interviewer tends to project their thoughts and ideas, filtering out the candidate’s responses in the way. However, when we interview our candidates, we make sure to listen to them and not just hear their responses and make judgments.

3. Show the care:

Caring about applicants gives them a good interview experience and boosts your brand in turn. Regardless of whether an applicant gets the job offer or not, they might in any case feel better about the company that treated them well and made them comfortable. Another way that we show our care is by respecting their time and not being diverted by future meetings.

4. Be approachable:

Candidates usually want to learn more about the company and its role. Interviewers need to answer each of their questions with patience without having distractions. Going further, we at Ajackus encourage our candidates to ask more questions, and not just at the end of the interview. Addressing questions will also allow you the opportunity to pitch your company to candidates.

5. Consistency is the key:

Along with wanting to learn more, candidates look for clear information about the company and its role. Here, consistency while answering plays a vital role and that can be achieved only via understanding the company’s overall eco-system. Hence, interviewers at Ajackus are well versed in the company’s visions, values, and all its benefits. 

Bottom line

The recruiting process is not really a stroll in the park. The interview might just be the trickiest part to promote your company. At Ajackus, we come through it with little things like being mindful of the language, being presentable, and so on. What an interviewer needs to remember is that it is not just one action that can cause a positive impact in front of the candidate. Rather, it is the collection of many actions that come together and showcase the essence of the brand.

Surprisingly, these actions come in handy in the process of retention as well. Candidate retention is expensive, as candidates leave, taking an important part of the company. However, at Ajackus, retention is not a problem.

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