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Fast Hiring

We kickstart team building with swift, precise candidate selection to match your business needs.

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To find the top talent

We know how to extract hard and soft skills, aligned values, and experience from a scattered talent pool, addressing this challenge for organizations.

To save on hiring costs

Cost-efficient hiring faces challenges from rising expenses on human capital, processes, infrastructure, commissions, disengagements, and onboarding delays.

To avoid hiring delays

Most positions take 100 days to fill. Avoid hurdles and losses by efficiently finding the right talent.


Ajackus maintains a transparent hiring pipeline, filling vacancies swiftly at zero cost. Let's explore how!

Scenario Automations

Our 30+ automated processes maintain seamless and agile hiring workflow for candidates, hiring managers and the clients.

Custom Built Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

We have developed an applicant tracking system customizable and scalable as per the needs of various hiring requirements.

Data-driven Dashboards

We have built real-time dashboards where we gauge the hiring pulse, churn out helpful statistics and oversee workflow progress.

Detailed Engineer Profiles

We have created detailed engineer profiles for our clients to conveniently ascertain the compatibility of candidate skills with their requirements.

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