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8 Key Tips for Protecting Your Eyes While Working Remotely

Remote work alters communication and habits. Prolonged screen exposure can harm eyes. Protect them with these tips.

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Apr 14, 2022·2 mins read

Remote work has changed the way we run our day-to-day processes. When we work from home, we might miss the thoughtfully planned office environment and interiors. In the same context, working long hours in front of screens might damage your eyes and hence you might need some tips to protect your eyes.

According to experts, it is very important to protect your eyes from computer screens and mobile phones. Actually, due to the blue rays emanating from the computer, laptop, or mobile, there is dryness in the eyes, but, if some measures are taken while using any other electronic device, like a mobile or laptop, then it can help to reduce the dryness of the eyes and keep them healthy.

Here are 8 key tips that will help you to protect your eyes.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule

The eyes are very delicate. If you look at anything for a long time, it can cause pain. So follow the 20-20-20 rule. If you stare at the screen for 20 minutes, then after a short time you ought to be watching something a minimum of 20 feet away for 20 seconds that relaxes the eye muscles.

Frequent blinking of your eyes

People forget to blink while using screens. Staring at the screen increases the probability of dryness. Therefore, to keep them safe, attempt to keep blinking the eyes in between and keep giving them rest.

Use artificial tears

Artificial tears are an effective way to keep the eyes lubricated during eye strain, whether it is due to a computer or mobile. There are many types of lubricating eye drops available on the market that you can put in your eyes to get rid of dryness.

Wear anti-glare glasses

If it is your compulsion to sit in front of a computer screen or mobile for a long time, then you should use lenses from which blue rays can be cut. Anti-glare glass or blue-cut lenses may be a good option for this. Due to this, instead of direct light falling on the eyes, it gets cut and leaves.

Include these vitamins in the diet

Now that you are spending most of your time on the computer or mobile screen, include vitamins mainly in your diet. Some vitamins, like Vitamin B-6, B-12, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A, are good for the tear film. If the body lacks these vitamins, the fluid will burst and the tears can dry up.

Take omega-3 fatty acids into the diet

Omega-3 fatty acids can help treat dry eyes. A study in rats found that taking the omega-3 fatty acid ALA significantly reduced symptoms of dry eyes and inflammation caused by dry eyes. According to experts, by consuming it tears are formed very quickly, due to which there is no problem with dryness in the eyes.

Sit in a dimly lit room

Less light in the room is actually better for your eyes while working on the computer. There shouldn’t be an excessive amount of light within the room. Therefore, if possible, close the curtains of the space and minimize the utilization of fluorescent lighting. It is better to use low-voltage bulbs instead.

Take short breaks

While working on the computer, take breaks in between, if you find it difficult then take the help of free software like Protect Your Vision, which will remind you to take breaks from the computer from time to time, it has automatic and custom mode.

In conclusion

Besides these tips, there are a plethora of accessorials such as monitors, desktop screens, keyboards, and desks that come into the picture while you protect your eyes. Taking this into consideration, an organization ought to deal with individual resources as you work remotely.

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